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Art-felt hotel

Gallery Sutra at the splendid art hotel Le Sutra was the venue for model-turned-actor John Abraham to walk in with his parents on on World Braille Day for the unveiling of the braille edition (Hindi) of the book Karma Sutra – Cracking the Karmic Code written by Hingori. John Abraham is the brand ambassador of the National Association for the Blind (NAB) in India and he commented that his parents would remind him where he should be to support a good cause. Karma Sutra, you learned, explains the Indian doctrine of karma and serves as a do-it-yourself (DIY) manual for those who want to harness the invaluable wisdom of spiritual masters. And John had one more comment: he does not believe in supporting a social cause just a day before the launch of a film!

Action again!

Ariah Agarwal at the relaunch of R-Adda at Hotel Ramee Guestline

The European Gothic interiors catch your attention when you enter the relaunched and recreated R-Adda, the contemporary space spread on the sixth floor of Hotel Ramee Guestline in Juhu. Cuisine-wise you have a mix of modern Indian, pan-Asian, continental and comfort food that go very well with the crafted cocktails, wines, beers and spirits. The place, spread over 3,000 sq ft, is ideal for guests to relax over a drink and snack after work. Later, R-Adda transforms into a high-energy space with performances by in-house as well as some guest DJs playing house, hip-hop, electronic, techno, commercial and Bollywood music. There is ample standing room and comfortable seating with high and low-top tables and couches. The tabletops are lit and the couches go well with the dark and warm setting of the club.

Another Social

Rizwan Amlani and Riyaaz Amlani at the launch of Vashi Social

Impresario Handmade Restaurants started 2020 with a bang by bringing Social to Navi Mumbai. It was the launch of Vashi Social, the 26th outpost of the iconic chain, located in Inorbit Mall. Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, was there to warmly welcome the many guests. The new outpost is a stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of the other Social outlets with the area shielded with pixilated glass and convex mirrors that distort how we look at things traditionally. The rusty, warm edges of the furniture indicate dilapidation but showcase an appreciation for beauty in imperfection. Vashi Social offers iconic breakfast trays, Death Wings, Awesamosas, China Boxes and cocktails like Trip on the Drip, Old Smoke and Thai Maalish. Of course, the 1000ml Longest Long Island Iced Tea (L.L.I.I.T) is on the menu.

In fine tune

Asad, Nikhil Chinapa, Nisha Haraale and Beyong120 at Mansion Bar & Lounge

Music filled the air as Mansion Bar & Lounge ended the year with the No Request and New Sound music platforms, conceptualised by Nisha Haraale. Around 60 DJs had an opportunity to play during the year. At the New Sound underground music event many young artists were seen in action along with headliner Nikhil Chinapa, Asad (freeaatmah) and Beyond120. The No Request Bollywood event, on the other hand, saw contest winners playing with headliner artists Aman Nagpal and Jaya. The No Request rap battle was the platform for the launch of many artists with the contest yet to announce the share of winners. The winner will release a music track with music producer Ishq Bector and Bollywood super singer Shibani Kashyap. Sounds good!


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Scene & Heard

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

Scene & Heard

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

Scene & Heard

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

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