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If you are a foodie, here is why you need to head to Fiji

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Kokoda – Kokoda is Fiji’s version of ceviche, enriched with coconut milk to balance out all the acid. In this version, the fish is cooked in citrus juice by purely soaking the raw fish meat in lemon juice. Fijians love their Kokoda to be spicy, but you can request the locals to go easy on chillies. In Fiji, they traditionally serve Kokoda in a large clamshell or half a coconut shell. This is a great choice as an entrée.


Lovo – This is a Fijian delight to often celebrate special occasions. It is a method of cooking whereby food is baked in an earth oven. The meat and vegetables are wrapped individually in banana or coconut leaves, commonly seasoned with lemon juice, coconut milk, onion and garlic, which adds to the aroma and delicious smoky flavour.


Duruka – Duruka, also known as Fijian asparagus, is the unopened flower of a cane shoot. Duruka is seasonal and an ingredient that Fijians often add to coconut milk or in a curry. The red shoot’s flavour is more crumbly and nutty, in comparison to the softer green shoot. They have a stringy and fleshy feel and are incredibly tasty.


Nama – Nama is a type of seaweed or colloquially known in Fiji as ‘sea grapes’. Fiji namais traditionally used as a fresh vegetable –often used as a garnish but also served in a salad in lemon juice and/or fresh coconut milk. The tiny beads pop into the mouth with a sensory explosion of flavours.


Taro – Taro has been a staple of the Fijian diet for centuries. Taro is a heavy root, similar to a tube shaped potato. It can be boiled and mashed to be used in a curry or fried into yummy chips, a great accompaniment with your drinks.


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