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Vineet Mishra, Director – F&B, Novotel Ahmedabad

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The use locally sourced ingredients and produce, Vineet Mishra, director – F&B, Novotel Ahmedabad believes, makes food taste much better

Insights on Vocal about Local

I have grown up in a small but culturally rich village and have always been an avid advocate of using local supplies and produce to the fullest. My ideologies are in sync with Accor values and culture and I have had an opportunity to put my beliefs in practice. It has been an exhilarating experience to be able to follow my passion and use locally sourced ingredients and produce which, I believe, makes food taste much better.

Local ingredients and produce gives us many options to choose from, with freshness guaranteed. We strongly believe in supporting local food industry, which in-turn will help the whole supply chain and eventually benefit all of us. With guests also looking for local flavors and local produce, this is an added advantage for hotels as it leads to improved guest experience.

Curating menus at Novotel Ahmedabad using local ingredients

Our country is known for its cultural diversity and food is highly influential on the culture of any region. With Bihar being rich in producing rice, it has become the staple and most loved grain in the whole state. Similarly, Kashmir is known for its spices and its food has rich influence of locally grown spices. Gujarat is known for variety of food and we at Novotel Ahmedabad also try to integrate the local diversity with national variety, making various unique combinations through our food festivals.

We have always ensured that we bring varied cuisines to the locals in Ahmedabad through different food festivals over last few years. In our food festivals, we bring chefs from the states that they represent and make sure that they get everything local to that cuisine served to our guests. We have brought the flavors from Assam, Goa, Telangana, Bengal and various other states in last two years and we look forward to continuing the tradition in coming times as well.

One local ingredient that our kitchen cannot do without

All the ingredients play a vital role in any kitchen and it is next to impossible to replace any of them without tampering with the recipe. The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of an ingredient that is essential is salt but with rock salt being the flavour of millennials; even salt is now replaceable.

With Gujarati food at heart of our kitchen, one ingredient which is important and cannot be replaceable would be ‘Besan’ as it is the staple ingredient in all local favorites. From Fafdas to Dhoklas, Sev, Gathiyas, etc, our kitchen can definitely not operate without the most local ingredient – vocal in taste and loved by locals – Besan.


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