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Chef Rakesh Singh Rana, Executive Chef, The Fern Sattva Resort Dwarka

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The call of time is to focus on saving costs during purchase and adopt alternate ideas which can increase revenues, for which the silver lining is to go local, notes Chef Rakesh Singh Rana, executive chef, The Fern Sattva Resort Dwarka

Your insights on Vocal about Local
This pandemic has hit us very hard with lots of challenges to food and hotel industry. The call of time is to focus on saving costs during purchase and adopt alternate ideas which can increase revenues. The silver lining is to go local. Hotels and Restaurants used to import spices, vegetables, meat, etc. We need to look onto local vendors for all these changing the restaurant menu accordingly. It will save a lot of costs. Hotels and Restaurants can also think of kitchen gardens for herbs and spices. I recommend that chefs go out and check what is available in the local markets and use them in their cooking. This will help our farmers as well.
When we say Local, we also reduce the carbon footprint. Anything that is transported to our premises from far off places, we burn fossil fuel and in turn produce more carbon dioxide by the virtue of using a vehicle for transportation. The farther you go with your shopping list the more carbon dioxide you give to the earth.

Curating menus at The Fern Sattva Resort Dwarka using local ingredients
Yes, that’s the call of time to lower the wastage. Menus have to be curated according to the local vegetables and supplies available. We try to vary our menu and include seasonal highlights in our dishes. It is essential to consider local and organic products while designing the menu. We try and cook fresh dishes without using processed and convenience food. The best sellers in the menu need to be focused. Out of the menu ~ probably can be chef choice menu with a new creativity without losing the quality. Local food can be made popular at this moment which will be the new idea. For example – We are going to launch Khichdi Restaurant at our resort where in we target to serve more than 20+ varieties of Khichdi. Khichdi is a local dish of Gujarat and most popular also. Such most liked dishes where we have less use of Vegetables will save on the cost without diluting the experience of the guest.

  • Ringan nu pro
  • Sev tomato
  • Gvar nu shaak
  • Muthiya
  • Gathiya
  • Thepla
  • Undhiyu
  • Bajre ka rotla
  • Khakra
  • Dhokla
  • Shambro
  • Batata nu shaak
  • Gujarati kadhi
  • Gujarati khichdi
  • Laapsi mohan thal
  • Gujrati dal

The one local ingredient your kitchen cannot do without
Indian spices. Indian spices are used in every kitchen, which gives our food a better taste and keeps our health good. Spices protect our health from bacteria. Every Indian knows that clove is the spice to treat tooth problems since it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Due to these healthy characteristics cloves are an important ingredient in natural toothpastes. Perfumers use the oil extract from cloves but it has its health benefits.


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