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Chef Piyush Mishra, Executive Chef, Le Meridien Jaipur Resort & Spa

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Using produce from local growers not only helps them see value in their hard work but also empowers them to experiment, believes Chef Piyush Mishra, executive chef, Le Meridien Jaipur Resort & Spa

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Serve our world, one of our core values by which we embrace our global responsibility and unique opportunity to be a force for good.

We at Le Meridien Jaipur Resort & Spa strongly believe in using locally grown produce as it helps in reducing the carbon footprint, create more opportunities for the local farmers by empowering them to experiment and showing the world diverse products of our nation which were not in the limelight so far I think promoting ingredients from local farmers is a part of every chef’s responsibility.

The food at our restaurants is ingredient-driven and follows a slow-food ethos, and we lean heavily on local produce and source from nearby farms and purveyors. We strive to be creative and have fun in hopes that our guests will share in the excitement

Curating menus at Le Meridien Jaipur Resort & Spa using local ingredients

We at Le Meridien Jaipur Resort & Spa takes pride in curating menus for unique food experiences with local offerings from the region for diners across. Our menus are based on seasonal and fresh ingredients, we always tie-up with local farmers and producers to showcase their produce. For me, it’s very important to find out the best produce of the season, if your ingredient is of the best quality the final dish would be exceptional.The one local ingredient your kitchen cannot do without

Though it is difficult to list down just one ingredient because every ingredient has its own unique identity, texture and flavour but for us, the fiery “Laal Baadshah of Rajasthan” Mathania chilies is one ingredient which is very important in our kitchens. Rajasthani cuisine not only appreciates this particular spice but has traditional dishes that revolve around its flavour and colour – Laal Maans and Kair Sangri being two of them. The pungent, flavorful preparation is a beauty on the plate with its red hues making it a feast for the eyes too.


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