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Chef Mayur Tiwari, Executive Chef, The Ritz-Carlton, Pune

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Promoting ingredients from local farmers is a part of every chef’s responsibility, believes Chef Mayur Tiwari, Executive Chef, The Ritz-Carlton, Pune

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I think promoting ingredients from local farmers is a part of every chef’s responsibility. In the past few years we have seen some amazing produce from our local farmers from berries to lost Indian grains, our famers have done an exceptional job. There are many producers who are all customising their produce according to the need which I feel is excellent. In the recent years we have seen the eagerness to learn about these ingredients in our guests and patrons and that’s what makes us proud and we try to include much of the local produce in our menus. The restaurants and bars at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune play a public-facing role and believe in rising to the occasion, instituting ethical farm-to-table sourcing practices, finding innovative new uses for waste, and improving energy consumption across the board. Food has always been a conduit for connection, but for us it’s also a way to mobilise communities towards a common goal.

To achieve this, we have built a web of hyperlocal suppliers around the city, providing our restaurants and bars with produce that showcases the natural bounty of the region.

Curating menus at The Ritz-Carlton Pune using local ingredients

The dining experience at our award winning restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune is a celebration of our unique part of the world and showcases the diversity of the region.

Aasmana at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune

We promote indigenous produce from local farmers of Maharashtra growing fruits, herbs, vegetables, edible flowers and microgreens using traditional techniques and sustainable means that reap produce that is par excellence. Our menus are based on seasonal and local ingredients and we always tie up with local farmers and producers to showcase their produce. For me it’s very important to find out the best produce of the season, if your ingredient is of the best quality the final dish would be exceptional.

The one local ingredient your kitchen cannot do without

Fresh coriander leaves is one ingredient which is very important in my kitchen, I feel it elevates a dish and brings the flavour by adding freshness to it. From a chutney to a salsa, fresh coriander is one herb which does magic all the time and is one ingredient you would always find in my kitchen.


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