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Chef Altamsh Patel, Executive Chef, THE Park Mumbai

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Chef Altamsh Patel, executive chef, THE Park Mumbai, says THE Park Hotels has always been Vocal About Local by working around the concept of promoting sustainability and local farm-fresh produce

Your insights on Vocal about Local
Amongst all the industries, the hospitality industry is the worst hit by coronavirus pandemic.
The Prime Minister has been actively encouraging to go #VocalForLocal and endorse home-grown brands. As far as the food industry goes, I personally think it’s a wonderful initiative.
Most of the specialty restaurants survive on how well they tackle the food shortage of imported ingredients using local resources. They are often available within our reach but what we normally consider is a steady supply. Hence, finding better alternatives locally will ensure that we source nutritious, fresh and cheaper ingredients thereby supporting the initiative #VocalforLocal. By teaming up with local farmers, you’re contributing in small part to putting money back into your community and local economy. This is the time when we Chefs should make our patrons aware about benefits of consuming local food which is available around us. The least we can do is turn this crisis into an opportunity and be self- sufficient thereby supporting ‘Local’.

Curating menus at THE Park Mumbai using local ingredients
THE Park Hotels has always been Vocal About Local by working around the concept of promoting sustainability and local farm-fresh produce. We have sourced locally produced ingredients for the main course menu at our restaurant Meishi which is an ode to mother earth. Under the expert guidance of Ms. Priya Paul (Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels), we have included keto, diabetic, organic, gluten free and vegan options in local and international dishes on the menu. We also offer fresh and seasonal produce to our banquet guests.
We at The Park Mumbai cater to guests who travel around the globe and understand the need gap thus a few premium categories of food items in our menu are irreplaceable.

The one local ingredient your kitchen cannot do without
The one ingredient that my kitchen cannot do without is “Garlic”. It adds wonderful aroma to any dish, we can also say garlic brings life to any simple dish. Garlic is a staple ingredient of almost every cuisine. Other than culinary benefits, it is also known for its health benefits due to its antibiotic and antioxidant properties. Consuming garlic in right quantity will have lasting benefits on our physical and mental health. It is also been used as a medicine throughout ancient and modern history.


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