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‘The interactive video menu helps us to be at par with innovations in F&B industry’

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Pullman New Delhi Aerocity has introduced an innovative digital image and video menu at its avant-garde farm-to-table restaurant, Pluck. Trsitan Beau De Lomenie, director of Operation LUXE Hotels India & General Manager Delegate – Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity explains how Dash Application on iPads makes the menu dynamic

Please explain your strategy for installing Dash Application Dash Application on i-Pads to showcase your new menu?

Trsitan Beau De Lomenie

We are excited to bring to our patrons, an innovative way we look at menus at its restaurant Pluck. Idea Chakki and Pullman New Delhi Aerocity have partnered together to bring this interactive digital image and video menu together.  As part of Accor Group, we have always tried to put forth innovative digital ideas in place of the traditional way things are done in hotels.

Taking this trend forward we have tied up with Idea Chakki’s Dash Application for our avante garde farm to table restaurant Pluck. This interactive video menu helps us to be at par with today’s innovations in the Food & Beverage industry.

The idea is for the world to wake up and take notice of the culinary elites, the great chefs of the world and their craftsmanship. The idea is not to disclose their secrets but to showcase the fine art of cooking and attract global tourist to sample such treasures.

The dishes at Pluck, a combination of contemporary European and modern Indian, are a work of art in itself. What better way to showcase the hard work put in the menu than to show a glimpse of it live to a guest at the press of a button, dish by dish.

Has the application been customised/ exclusive to Pullman Aerocity?

Yes, the app has been customised exclusively for Pluck. You can feel it from the first touchpoint on the iPad, with the restaurant’s video showcasing exactly what Pluck means and the ethos and service of the restaurant. The menu showcases contemporary European and modern Indian A la carte menus, executive set lunch menu, three variants of set menu, the restaurants wine menu along with cocktails and beverages. It also accommodates the menu of ‘Tea Deli’ apart from the videos of the dishes being served.

What is the process? Does it need constant updation of videos/ photographs?

This interactive video and photo based digital menu for our outlet Pluck will entertain our guests with a new way of looking at the menu. Dash Application, an application that is the world’s first in-restaurant luxury dining application makes the menu dynamic. It helps you navigate the most complex menus and gives you a simple picture of what to expect from your dish. It does not only shows the dish’s pictures but also shows how our chefs work behind the kitchens. Each dish on the menu will have a video play button against it. The Dash App will feature the menu in a video and image format which allows the diner to preview his/ her meal visually. It gives a quick, visual preview of dishes on the restaurant menu using 10-15 second “Fideos” (food videos). It sorts the menu out in innovative ways and let guests see what they can expect from the restaurant.

The videos and photographs can be updated seamlessly by the Dash App team as and when we update our menu. Pluck has a seasonal menu, depending upon the herbs and vegetables growing in our in-house farm, this flexibility was of utmost importance.


Is it making the restaurant operation more seamless?

Yes, due to the app’s interface which is informative and interactive, it makes the restaurant operation much smoother. It has classifications which helps in segregating the menu in one go for the selected classification. Eg. allergens, vegetarian, etc. There is a ‘Favourites’ tab option, in which the guests selected dish/s that he wish to order are clubbed together, giving the server the guests order without a mistake or necessity to repeat the order. Our guests can see what is coming their way.

How does it enhance the experience of the diner at your restaurant?

This application is an extension of our innovative technology usage in our restaurant, giving a visual insight to our patrons on what they can expect from their dish – the look and feel of it. It makes the menu personal to each guest. The menu also comes equipped with wine recommendations by our sommelier. Nowadays guests are tech savvy and welcome this kind of innovation as it helps in decision making while placing their order.

Do you foresee high-end restaurants in India adopting interactive technologies in the future?

Definitely! Some of the high-end restaurants are already using these interactive technologies.

Any other significant factor you would like to highlight?

We have a separate section on the app called “Recommendation by critics”, here we have famous critics sharing their favourites, which are useful for guests in case they wish to go by it.

We have kept the videos of our dishes open, so if a guest would like to share their experience long with the videos they can do so on their social media. Its not a secret!


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