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FusionResto, the flagship product of RanceLab, is helping restaurant owners in more than 25 countries make profit faster, reach breakeven sooner and open new outlets quicker By Sudipta Dev


Headquartered in Kolkata, with offices in Dubai and Nairobi, RanceLab is an Indian technology company that focuses on F&B space. FusionResto is the flagship product of the company. Established in 1998, RanceLab today has more than 20,000 clients in as many as 25 countries. “We target all levels of clients – from a startup to high end business, from as small as 300 sq ft of QSRs to as big as 300,000 sq ft malls or super stores,” says Nilesh Shah, director, marketing, RanceLab. The product is available in English, Hindi, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish and German languages.

Nilesh Shah

FusionResto takes care of all F&B verticals comprising fine dining restaurants, food courts, discos, clubs, QSRs, takeaways, home delivery, bakery chains, confectionary outlets, and others. The solution manages all core restaurant functions and is inclusive of PoS, inventory management, finance, loyalty programme, staff management, promos, analytics, etc. “There are many companies providing one or the other kind of solution but they are all independent, some are providing point of sale, others inventory solutions, but we enter where they stop. We start where they finish, we provide a solution that covers all integral functions. With this one package you can manage all your businesses from one roof,” explains Shah. The client list includes names like Haldirams, The Beer Cafe, Pizza Vito, Murlidhar Sweets, Little Italy, and thousands of other brands.

Multiple advantages

This single package gives expansion of both technology and practical aspects of business including mobile based ordering, touch based KOT, remote KOT printing or kitchen display system, et al. It also gives the loyalty propgramme, sms and email integration. Pointing out that today times are challenging and business processes are getting complex, Shah mentions that for an owner this is a system that takes care of day to day operations and keeps him free from complex activities. It helps the owner to get break even faster, get profit sooner and open new restaurants quicker. “It helps get customers served in lesser time, and the staff also gets trained easily,” he adds.

The advantages also include better roster planning, elimination of losses due to pilferage and wastage, creating consistency in service by managing customer orders, kitchen delivery and payments. It has got a security that controls the business even if the restaurant owner is away. “BI tool is a part of the package. It gets reports like key performance indicators (KPIs), or exception reports like voids, discounts,” says Shah. It is a desktop application and mobile versions are available on Android and iPhones.

Effective for all

FusionResto is an effective solution whether the establishment is a standalone or a chain. “Small establishments might start by managing inventory and as the business grows, modules can be added by the client at his own pace. We help you grow in that way and keep adding modules to your package,” mentions Shah, adding that if the client company is already an established brand and wants to switch over to this package they can do it smoothly and safely. The transition time is as less as 10 days.

Shah is naturally proud of the fact that RanceLab is a successful product company which goes with the Indian prime minister’s vision of ‘Make in India’. “It is replacing many of the existing international products. We are proud of that. Even in India we are one of the pioneers providing software in this space,” he points out.

Changing dynamics

To popularise the product the company is participating in events, seminars and forums, along with internet promotions. Shah believes that the changing dynamics in the restaurant scenario in the country is bringing to the fore technologies like these. “To run your business effectively you need correct technology. What happens is technology usually comes at the last stage, once the owner has finalised the space, chef, kitchen equipment, menu, when he is about to open the restaurant then he thinks of technology,” asserts Shah. Albeit, he feels with technology taking over businesses or helping businesses grow multifold in a short span, the owners are dependent on technology and want to free themselves to focus on other things.

Restauranteurs are in the market looking for the correct solution, which is a positive development. “What is happening now is that earlier if they used to think of F&B they would think only of fine dining restaurant, but now they think of QSRs or just kitchens serving masses. Now businesses can operate from small spaces so scaling of operations is easier. They do not need 4000 or 5000 sq ft of area to run businesses. Funding and equipments are also easily available,” says Shah.

The traditional restauarant scenario which also comprise of the unorganised sector is also changing. Shah avers that earlier technology was not available, not just software but also hardware. Prices were then on a higher scale, people used to think twice before investing in technology. With increasing demand hardware cost has also gone down, people are getting two-three products with better service at their doorstep. This is enabling them to adopt technology, scale up their operations and go beyond their competition.


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