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‘Investing in right software is crucial for hotels’

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From luxury to upscale hotels, various hospitality brands are now choosing to invest into offering ‘guest room solutions’ to provide a comfortable stay to guests. Rahul Salgia, CEO, DigiValet highlights on the company’s offerings and market psyche By Kahini Chakraborty

What are the benefits to hotels for choosing to provide ‘guests room solutions’?

Rahul Salgia

DigiValet makes the guests stay convenient, more enjoyable. Guests prefer staying in hotels that are served by DigiValet and hence the occupancy in all DigiValet served hotels is much higher than their nearest competitors. Needless to say that hotels are happy to see this. Besides this there are a lot of other operational benefits too.

What is the software integration done with different hotel departments to provide a comfortable stay to guests?

DigiValet is a guest room solution to make guests stay convenient and enhance the in-room experience. It integrates with: Room Control systems (Lights, AC, Curtains), TV system, Movies on Demand, Point of Sales system for ordering food and beverages, Spa system (to display Spa Menu and also allow guests to make their own reservations), Restaurant Reservations – Guests can see panoramic view of the restaurant and select the table they wish to reserve, Housekeeping – Guests can see the pillow menu and select the right one, Call Butler or Request for Laundry collection.

How does choosing to provide a ‘guest room solution’ for guests increase the productivity of the hotel?

DigiValet brings a lot of valuable information about guest’s preference and usage statistics. For example, hotels conventionally have been spending a lot of time and attention in seeking guest preferences about room temperature, pillow, TV channels, etc. In today’s world when hotels are emphasising on reducing manpower it is impossible to focus attention to collect such information and put this into a system to be able to retrieve easily upon next arrival of the same guest. DigiValet does this all on its own and makes it available to hotels so that they can delight the guest every time, everyday of his stay.

What is the amount of investment for developing these solutions for hotels? And how much on an average do hotels spend to provide these premium services?

20150115eh62DigiValet is customised to each hotel’s needs and hence it varies. However to give you a perspective it would be about one-two per cent of the cost of building a room. In return the hotel gets 200 per cent enhancement in room experience.

Are these ‘guest room solutions’ used only for certain room categories in hotels?

Luxury hotels were the earliest to adopt as they have high emphasis on guest experience. The upscale hotels and now even no frills hotels are considering this to be part of their guest room experience. We have seen no difference in traveller from any origin when it comes to using solutions that create wow and make the stay convenient. In fact the usage of DigiValet by guests in some hotels in India is the highest in the world.

How different is the investment and software applications while designing a ‘guest room solution’ for a mobile app to an iPad menu?

It is difficult to draw a comparison between a guest room solution and a menu app. They are very different products and serve very different needs and hence the investment will also be different.

What is the current software development trends/ demands in the hospitality industry?

Technology is going to be a driver and is one of the key elements in running hotels efficiently. Selection and investment into right software is therefore crucial and hotels which have realised this have already aligned themselves.


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