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Automating the F&B industry

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Some crucial technology components are assisting restaurant owners to gain an edge in operations and increase revenues. Torqus, a restaurant management system, enables businesses to add profits, operate with maximum efficiency and have an added advantage while servicing customers through leveraging on new technology

Torqus aims at revolutionising the restaurant business by providing an all inclusive point of sale (POS) software with hassle free solutions that maximises business at minimum cost. Torqus has three different products, namely a POS software, head office tool and supply chain management software. The POS software runs on the latest technology with intrinsic features that manages all the front end activities, providing the best care in terms of management, cost-effectiveness, security control, real-time support, technical backing, affordable pricing benefits, on-demand add-ons and comprehensive reporting are only a few to mention.

Suneet Kulkarni
Suneet Kulkarni

Speaking to Food & Hospitality World, Suneet Kulkarni, co-founder, Torqus Communications, shares, “Our intention has always been to enable businesses to add profits, to operate with maximum efficiency and to have an edge while servicing customers – by leveraging our technology.

There are a lot of F&B businesses which have a great topline, but may have a low bottom-line because they are not able to effectively manage back-end processes, costs and customer retention. Technology can play a crucial part in managing these pain points. We focus more on enhancing profitability and revenues for our clients, while at the same time streamlining their back-end processes and ensuring that their customers keep coming back – all using our products – this sets us apart, as a one stop solution.”

201706eh060Torqus products have been designed as per the needs of the restauranteurs. Kulkarni mentions, “The products are a combination of Customer Retention Tools – to ensure that the customers remain satisfied, loyal and keep coming back. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) product is to plug leaks in the internal processes such as purchases, production, distribution and sales. Sales is also managed through the Torqus Point of Sale (POS). We also have some peripheral products revolving around these, which are mobile based.”

Tanmay Ratnaparkhe
Tanmay Ratnaparkhe

Tanmay Ratnaparkhe who co-founded the brand with Kulkarni, adds, “The tech trends in F&B lately have been more focused towards customer acquisitions and predictive analysis. With establishments more reliant on technology in all aspects of business, automation is taking place of each front and backend process.” The software is designed to increase a restaurant’s revenue and integrates seamlessly with the operational systems. But it stands to be unique vis a vis the others, mentions Ratnaparkhe. Further adding to the point, Ratnaparkhe, adds, “One of the USPs of Torqus products is that they are massively scalable. Nowadays, there are a lot of start ups coming up in the F&B space, each of their concepts are different, but one thing that they all have in common is that they want to implement a multi store multi city model. And this is not just restricted to startups, even the older brands realise that they can leverage technology to add profitability and expand. Torqus products allow the management to concentrate on the overall business, while it automates all the internal processes.”

Torqus continues to work with some of the renowned brands namely are Box8, Wok Express, Freshmenu, Hola Chef, Chaayos, Nandhana Palace, Eatsome. Ratnaparkhe reiterates, “The F&B supply chain is one of the most complex across verticals. Businesses need to plan their purchases and production very well due to the short life span of raw materials and end products. If there are leaks in the planning – such as food wastages or expiry, it can have a significant impact on the bottomline. Besides, while ordering extra can lead to higher inventory holding costs and wastages, at the same time under ordering can lead to loss of business and customer disappointment. Then again, the supply chain consists of multiple stages. The production and distribution stages are crucial as well to ensure that the quality and packaging of the food is maintained. Software can ease these operations for a brand. So it’s necessary to hit the nail right on the head each time while managing the supply chain, in order to operate with maximum profitability.”

Kulkarni mentions, “The next big thing is definitely Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the system can independently take decisions regarding all aspects of operations and sales, based on past data, the past decisions taken and their results.”


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