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A maintenance free commercial kitchen

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A superior commercial kitchen cannot run without the support of superior equipment

One of the most important tasks for a restaurant, commercial kitchen or the hospitality industry is setting it out with the finest class kitchen equipment. No matter how good the chefs are, if they have to work with old-fashioned apparatus that no longer works efficiently, they will struggle to create memorable meals.

The need for commercial kitchen equipment covers everything from cooking ranges to the refrigeration. Barbeque Nation, one of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in India, is an organisation which keeps a tab on all its kitchen equipment to ensure that it is providing its customers with the best possible dining experience.

Laxmikant H Bodhare, head of projects and maintenance, Barbeque Nation, says, “The quality of our equipment makes a huge difference to dependability and how the commercial kitchen eventually operates. As the volume of cooking run by commercial cooking equipment is much higher than a normal kitchen, the equipment needs to withstand the pressure. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with equipment which has been specially designed and made to endure the pressures and scrapes that comes with the life of a commercial kitchen.”

After opening 65 successful operational outlets in all metros and major cities in India, Barbeque Nation will now be expanding its outlets all over India and abroad, with its successful business model and a leading profitable Indian company in the F&B sector. The company wants to reach its 100th outlet by March 31, 2017. Since the last 18 months, the company has added almost 36 new outlets. With ten new outlets waiting to start before March 31, 2016, the chain will grow to 75 outlets across India.

“We will soon go international with our first outlet opening at Dubai, Jumeirah. This will follow with another five outlets in the UAE. Our future plans include opening outlets in other South Asian countries and Far East Asian countries once we achieve our desired goals in India and the UAE, ” says Bodhare.

Keeping in mind the company’s reputation and brand, Barbeque Nation has partnered with Customized Kitchen India (CKI) for all its commercial equipment.

According to Bodhare, “CKI understands our unique requirements in kitchen equipment. They have not only contributed in suggesting to us certain equipments which are critical for our kitchen operations but also advising us in terms of their usability, durability, safety and operational efficiency. The tandoor we used earlier was made out of clay and the stone top was getting inconvenient as cracks used to form on it due to which we had to repair or replace it often. Tarun Raj, CEO & founder, CKI suggested the use of a full stainless steel (SS) body tandoor which should be fabricated internally with double layer high quality insulation to keep the inside part traditional which is the authentic way of cooking tandoori, and it worked wonders for Barbeque Nation.”

CKI has also actively participated in developing the table grill equipment with better looks and innovative ideas such as adjustable grating and perfect air ventilation to reduce coal usage. He adds, “CKI’s electrical and gas based kitchen equipment is of superior quality and finish. For Barbeque Nation, safety of our staff comes first and with CKI on board, we do not have to think twice as each equipment comes with safety and operational guides.”

Last but not the least, the best part of the business relationship with CKI, is the idea of a maintenance free kitchen. In the F&B business, it is very important to keep costs in control, and maintenance of kitchen equipment incurs high costs. “But if we have a company with maintenance free equipment, we actually save on our budget, which in turn contributes to our bottomline. CKI’s upright quality and maintenance free equipment also increases staff efficiency which also adds up to service. Finally I can say that CKI has added value to our F&B food cooking and service equipment and it continues to advise us on innovative and high quality kitchen equipment. We look forward to having a lifetime relationship with them as a superior kitchen cannot run without the support of superior equipment,” concludes Bodhare.


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