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Vikas Gandhi, Business Head & VP – lighting, Tisva

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Trends in hospitality lighting segment
The overall hospitality industry can be divided into two parts, one is definitely the hotels and the others are the restaurants. If we look at the hotels, there are three areas where generally lighting plays an important role, firstly the back of house – office space, secondly lobby, followed by guestrooms. All three types need different kind of lighting solutions. The office space can focus more on energy saving and optimal lighting, for which LEDs can be the best bet here. Secondly, there are also products in the market now which are equipped with motion sensors, a new trend in lighting in the hospitality industry.
Coming to other trends, hoteliers are readily investing in products like table lamps and floor lamps which are responsible for indirect lighting as well as are aesthetically pleasing in order to create the desired ambience in the room. These lights can also change colours according to the mood, season, preference, etc., because a guest staying at a hotel can be of different profiles from a family to business travellers, and hence tunability of brightness and colours plays an important role in lighting in hotels.
If one is looking at the landscape area, solar lighting is trending there, which also looks aesthetically appealing and is in harmony with the overall design of the hotel, for which we at Tisva customise the designs. We also provide a lot of customised lighting solutions to our hospitality clients due to which production of smaller volumes pushes the costs high which is a challenge for us.

If we look at the guestrooms, when a guest moves outside of the room, the lighting should be able to perceive the same and switch off the lights. A lot of old hotels also are moving towards sustainability and smart technologies are further increasing sustainability aspect in hotels.

Role of technology in lighting
With the guestrooms directly impacting a hotel’s business, ‘smart guestrooms’ have become the trend of the day. When we look at smart, they can be individual smart appliances, but they can also be integrated through the IoT solutions, for which there are many system integrating players. So, a patron can operate several functions within their hotel rooms through their smartphones, be it closing or opening of the curtains; switching the TV on and off, and also toggling the light switches through their smartphones.

Recent projects
We have recently provided lighting solutions to a hotel in Nepal, and also worked with W Resort in Goa and Tavleen Resort in Chail. We have also tied up with Lemon Tree
Hotels group.


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