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Ritu Bajaj, Director, Abby Lighting

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Trends in hospitality lighting segment
The hospitality industry is growing in leaps and bounds which is apparent from one of the recent KPMG reports which says that the tourism and hospitality industry is contributing to 7.5 per cent to the country’s GDP. While trying to stay on top of the competition and ensuring maximum customer comfort and enhancing experiences, hoteliers are faced with harsh realities of high energy bills. A shift towards efficient lighting is one way of energy saving, where LEDs are playing a huge role over the earlier halogen bulbs and fluorescent lighting. Moreover, the modern traveller today (largely the millennials) is defining the hospitality trends, and smart and connected lighting is one such necessity which is fulfilled by LEDs. Eco-friendly practices are becoming the norm and many hotels are installing solar panels as they focus on renewable energy sources.

Sustainable environment is not an option, it is a responsibility. Thus by adopting LEDs for their lighting requirements, the hospitality industry is doing its bit towards a greener environment. LED lamps and tubes not only consume a fraction of the energy consumed by halogen bulbs, they have a much higher lifespan and contain no mercury thus reducing the carbon footprint.
Being one of the pioneers in the country in LED manufacturing, Abby Lighting started the journey by slow but constant mentoring of its clients towards embracing LED lights. We are committed to helping our customers meet sustainability goals today, by providing
them with knowledge & solutions.
At our work premise, we pay equal attention to sustainable practices. As part of our commitment, we follow the three ‘R’ principle i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for waste management thereby reducing any adverse impact on the environment.

Role of technology in lighting
Lighting controls have assumed a lot of significance in the hospitality industry. Every hotelier recently, is trying to compete to provide personalised experiences to their guests. Creating a unique and memorable experience for them becomes a key to ensuring customer loyalty.
With influx of LEDs, we are looking at lights that can be controlled creating an ambience at the touch of a button on a smartphone. Dimmers can be used for adjusting the lights as per moods, intensity of light can be tuned from warm to cool and many more such possibilities. This means a space can be stretched from a meeting or a conference room to a party room with appropriate lighting controls thus enabling a visionary hotelier to create properties with multi-dimensional concepts.

Recent projects
Architectural lighting forms the backbone of any hotel. Having partnered for many years with a number of leading hotel brands and architectural firms, we at Abby understand the unique needs of this industry and are able to meet the challenges through our bespoke solutions which are environment-friendly and energy-efficient.
We are proudly associated with some major projects viz. Marriott, Hyatt Place, ITC Luxury Hotels, Residency, Holiday Inn, Ramada, Novotel, Radisson, etc, to name a few.


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