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The Colour of Love

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Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to eternal love, is upon us. It is the day that many wait for to confess their love to their loved ones which is then celebrated with some sweet goodness..!

201802eh02Undoubtedly the colour of the day is that colour of love, the bright, beautiful, seductive red. It is the day for red roses, for cards professing love — all coloured the same vibrant beautiful red, and of course the king of cakes that defines the beautiful day of love, the Red Velvet.

Imagine a cake that was to signify love. What better would characterize this than the gorgeous classic Red Velvet. This American hot favourite that refuses to go away comes to life with Puratos Tegral Satin Red Velvet Egg Free. This international cake charms everyone with its subtle but focused chocolate flavour along with its hint of the delectable cheese flavour. A sure fire winner all the way, it is the ultimate symbol of the celebration of the festival of love, with its delicate taste profile combined with its sparkling red colour.

The egg free premix makes it suitable to all types of food connoisseurs, this combined with its extended shelf-life, combined with its super smooth mouthfeel makes the Tegral Satin Red Velvet Egg Free a definite winner all the way. Puratos has a variety of products in the Satin range including the vibrant pistachio velvet, the uber delicious orange velvet and the delectable Red Velvet.

For those who don’t fancy the red of love in their cakes and prefer a more sedate approach to their celebrations, perhaps the Satin Creme Cake is the answer to the cake question. This super soft creamy cake mix is so versatile that can transform into a variety of delicious cakes.

Whether egg or the one that is egg free, its super soft crumb structure and its extended shelf life help make this mix an easy go to for all bakers and cakers.

Now that the base is taken care of, Puratos’ non dairy whipping cream Ambiante is the perfect foil for the fiery red of the Tegral Satin Red Velvet Egg Free, its pure white colour makes cakes stand out, by the sheer contrast of colour.

Due to its superior qualities, Ambiante has been designed to retain its shape and peak,and can also serve as a robust filling making it the perfect companion for decorating and filling your cake not to mention its supreme taste.

201802eh03Specially created to retain its shape for hours, the Ambiante will work brilliantly in Indian conditions to hold firm the hours of creativity that it is subjected to.  Whether as a layering or as a frosting, the whipped cream made with Ambiante retains its firm structure makes it a sure fire winner all the way. One that comes combined with Puratos’ attention to detail and promise to bring the world class to the Indian patisserie scenario.

Now that we have the perfect base, and the perfect filling, we now need the cake to have that visual appeal. Cakers and bakers are always looking for the visual wow factor to set their fantastic creations apart, this is especially true for cakes that celebrate big occasions, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. The most beautiful cakes need that wow factor to entice consumers to buy, and contributing to this wow factor is the Brillo Red Velvet.

Puratos’ Brillo Red Velvet is a perfectly created ready to use glaze to add that touch of finesse to your cake. This thixotropic glaze –works well when used to achieve that perfect gloss or a truly mirror-esque glaze.

The Brillo Red Velvet spreads easily like a dream, and needs no heating making it the perfect go to glaze for even the most delicate of creations — from mousse cakes to cheesecakes, all of them can wear this glaze with an elegant grace.

Brillio Red Velvet, as we all know, is not just another pretty glaze, it also helps to increase the shelf life of the product, protects its freshness and taste, pushing that product beyond the ordinary.

Combining this seductive red with pure white makes for an eye catching contrast, one that is striking and everlasting.

So whether it is just a beautiful cake for a beautiful occasion or a celebration cake of love, Puratos has the complete solution to add oomph to the display, jazz up the offerings both inside and out.

This jazzed up display is a representative to the commitment that Puratos brings to all its products. Whether it is one that is adapted to Indian conditions or simply one that is made specifically for India, the attention to detail, the keen eye on making quality offerings has been one of the benchmarks of Puratos’ commitment to the Indian baker. It is this commitment that forms the basis of Puratos tagline Hum hai apke saath..!


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