Looking back, looking ahead

Today Puratos takes a moment to look back at the year that was, at the challenges, and achievements of the year gone by, of plans set for a better more connected future

Janus, the ancient Roman God, after whom the first month of the year is named, is a God with two faces, one looking back and one ahead at the year that is to come. He is the God of transitions, of new beginnings and of taking stock of what was and what is yet to come. So too, at Puratos, we take a moment to look back at the year that was, at the challenges, and achievements of the year gone by, of plans set for a better more connected future.

Puratos is always looking to get closer to the action, to listen to its customers needs and respond as quickly as possible.

puratos-2With our state of the art factory, we have always endeavoured to produce our products locally at our factory at Pune. Bringing production closer into the country helps us help you better. Thereby proving that we are not just another ingredient company, but indeed partners in our customer’s businesses, a trait that helps us go the extra mile to help our customers finish strong, and come out on top.

Our efforts to bring our expertise on location to our customers’ doorsteps saw us set up the Sensobox. Imagine being able to track, record and understand the preferences and taste indications of your customers.

This fully equipped SensoStand assists you to understand your consumers’ taste patterns and trends allowing you, our customers to create new products ideally suited to make a mark in this ever growing market. It was a key activity which was done with various key customers.

puratos-3We at Puratos identified the needs and wants of home bakers or domestic artisans. Their unique requirements of smaller quantities, quicker logistics and convenient buying were all taken into consideration. The Puratos ‘Let’s Bake’ app was thus developed to cater to this specific audience. Through the Let’s Bake app, we assist our domestic artisans with delicious recipes, jaw dropping offers and the sheer convenience of buying our products with the help of a click.

This allows us to bridge the last mile between the home bakers and the company. It allows us to enter the small home bakers’ section wherever they are and fulfill their requirements. For us to be at their fingertips on their mobiles, we assist them just as we have done for our Artisan, industrial and food service customers through the years.

puratos-4Even as we are looking to support bakers through the app, we have increased our presence online and are engaging with people online. We have increased presence with regular uploads of recipes, process solutions, techniques and other tidbits to keep engaging with our target audiences across social platforms.

Puratos has always endeavoured to stay by their customers and the year gone by; we pledged to go digital to stay even closer to our customers, keeping them updated via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,YouTube and emailers about the latest trends and upcoming insights of Puratos, posting new and more than 100 innovative recipes regularly so that they stay updated, innovated and informed about how we value our customers.

This year also was centered towards our new launches which were all locally produced and perfected inhouse and also to show how these new launches would add value to the recipes and applications to our customers. Right form the nostalgic Vivafil Guava Chilli filling to the uber robust Deli Cheesecake, it was an experience roller coaster.

puratos-5Also helping our customers excel by keeping them abreast and even ahead of competition, Puratos has engaged with Artisan bakers in adding to their technical knowhow at our local Innovation Centres, where we ideate, create and streamline with our customers across the country.

The extra mile we go to delight our customers with trends, insights, and a big smile makes for happy customers, and happy customers make for a happy growing company.

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