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New products launch for the hospitality sector


201802eh18Macquino has introduced its Drink Machine Advance and Drink Machine Two speed along with Vita Prep-3. The Drink Machine Advance is built with 6 optimised programmes, automatic shut-off and pulse control delivering consistency and delicious drinks every time. The Drink Machine Two-Speed weighing 5.5 kg and having a 2 peak output horsepower motor is manually controlled. The powerful blender gives consistent drink quality and are non-negotiable for a busy bar or shop owner. The Vita Prep-3 on the other hand is the ideal tool for supporting the demands of high-volume kitchens and processing difficult, back-to-back blends.



Dr Jackfruit


Dr Jackfruit has launched its range of new product baskets which consist of ready-to-cook jackfruit varieties. One of their product baskets are named The Green Jackfruit In Barbecue ready-to-cook which is best for salads, burgers, rolls, tacos and sizzlers. The Green Jackfruit Frozen on the other hand is best for any continental and Asian cuisine. Once unpacked, you can thaw it and add ingredients to cook your favourite dish. These baskets are made from indigenous, home grown trees and have maximum shell life with no preservatives. The texture is similar to meat and equally favoured amongst vegans and non-vegetarians alike.



Lemarkz Industries Kitchen Equipments (LIKE) has recently launched the Sandwich Grill series for semi-auto grilling. The design is customised to open the mould for the burners and it heats uniformly and quickly. The non-stick teflon coating keeps the burner well-clean and the simple operation system makes it easy to use. The HOV-1 grill and the HOV-2 grill are environmental and safe to use. Along with this, the company also offers the Cotton Candy Machine series, CC-801 which has a suspension system and whirl grip floss stabiliser.

Gigi il Salumificio


Gigi il Salumificio has introduced its range of meat products to the Indian market. The Le Pancette is the result of an accurate selection of fresh pig belly parts. The meat is trimmed, salted, spiced and seasoned according to classic methods. From the rolled-up black flavoured Pancetta to the chilli pepper flavoured Pancetta, you can have it all. The next product in line is the Lo Strutto(lard) which is obtained by melting the adipose tissue of the pig and is largely used in cooking as well as frying. It is also used to fry fish, Gnocco Fritto, chips and typical carnival sweets. The products are rooted in regional recipes which enhances the flavour and crispiness of the meat.


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Product Tracker

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Product Tracker

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