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New products launch for the hospitality sector

Dolphy India

201711eh25Dolphy India is a provider of expert hotel washroom hygiene solutions. Throughout India it offers a reliable and effective solution for all kinds of hygiene needs. Hygiene products industry is growing however there is lack of innovative good quality products. Dolphy has a variety of range in automatic hand dryer, soap dispenser, magnifying mirrors, hair dryer, body dryer, paper dispenser, toilet roll dispenser, shoe polish machine, cloth liner, automatic sensor tap, baby changing station, mini bar refrigerator and handicap grab bars.




201711eh52Veeba, one of the sauces, dips and dressing companies of India, is expanding its range and has announced the launch of Veeba peanut butter in two variants – creamy and crunchy. The peanut butter serves as an ideal ingredient in healthy snacks and meals. It is India’s first peanut butter fortified with calcium, iron, vitamin A and D in a creamy and crunchy format. Made from roasted peanuts, Veeba Peanut Butter is a source of fibre and protein.



T&S Brass

201711eh26As the financial and reputational costs of food-borne illness outbreaks grow, hand hygiene is gaining more attention among food service operators. Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Restaurants can make handwashing even more effective by switching to hands-free sensor faucets from T&S. Manual faucets require users to touch faucet handles to turn off the water after a wash, leading to potential re-contamination of hands from soiled handles. For this reason, hygiene experts often recommend workers use an elbow or paper towel to turn off handles, but this advice is often unknown or ignored. Sensor faucets eliminate the threat of re-contamination by automatically turning water on and off as needed, offering users a hygienic, hands-free wash.

Kent RO

201711eh53Kent RO has introduced a new pizza and omelette maker. The Kent Pizza and Omelette Maker also boasts of other features such as temperature control. The adjustable temperature control knob allows to cook different dishes at different temperatures. Additionally its flip functionality allows you to cook on both sides with its dual side heating, ensuring even distribution of heat.




201711eh27Faber has introduced world’s first 3D Chimney with T2S2 technology with three way suction. Its unique filters on the sides of the hood extract any smoke that escapes the bottom vent. This technology ensures kitchens free from smoke and grease, making them appear neat and hygienic. It is available in black and SS options, 3D hoods come adapted to latest designs and finishes from Europe. Kitchen chimney is a smart way of handling pollution in the kitchen. It not only removes the harmful smoke and fumes which damage the health, but also ensures that the furniture and the appliances in the kitchen remain in pristine condition.


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EF&H Staff-Mumbai

Product Tracker

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

Product Tracker

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

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