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New products launch for the hospitality sector



GAIA has recently launched its new specialised line under the banner ‘GAIA Organic’ and unveiled its range of organic spices. Embarking with six products – Whole Black Peppercorn, Whole Clove, Whole Green Cardamom, Whole Black Cardamom, Turmeric Granules and Cinnamon Sticks; Gaia Organic will be a new introduction to the organic trend in the market. All GAIA Organic products are eco-friendly and free from preservatives, chemicals and GMOs. Furthermore, all the products are certified by India Organic and SGS India, conforming to the National Standards for Organic Products.


201710eh78T&S hose reels make cleaning efficient and effective, and perfect for any installation – thanks to a wide selection of outlet devices to accommodate a variety of cleaning needs. When selecting an outlet device, keep in mind the size of the area to be washed as well as how the operator might hold the device while in use. The MV-2522 front trigger water gun is a leading choice made with heavy-duty stainless steel and featuring adjustable stream and trigger guard. This water gun offers powerful washdown capability for large or heavily soiled areas. For general washdown or equipment cleaning, the B-0108-H is a convenient multipurpose spray valve with ergonomic design. Consumers can also get precision cleaning with the EB-2322 extended spray wand.



Veeba has launched mayonnaise in six flavours to give a twist to the Indian palate. It offers better-for-you mayos in six variants – classic, burger, chilli, eggless, garlic and smart.

Sustenance Foods


Sustenance Foods has introduced handcrafted granola that is gluten free, packed with nuts and seeds, 100 per cent natural and sweetened with locally sourced organic honey. Each batch is hand-mixed and baked in small batches at low temperatures to give it a crunch and toasty flavour. The brand has three flavours – cranberry and pistachio, fig and walnut and a decadent chocolate and hazelnut granola.

Vinod Cookware

201710eh81Vinod Cookware has launched its sports or gym bottles ‘Splash’ priced at Rs 780. Its features include anti-spill mechanism to ensure no-spills, break and corrosion resistant and it is fabricated with high quality 18/8 stainless steel. Focused on sustainability and minimalistic aesthetics, Splash features a lightweight design and a durable structure, which is specially designed for rugged use. It is available in purple, green, and silver colours.


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