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New products launch for the hospitality sector



Tribù sets in the new outdoor season with the Pavilion Daybed, designed by Monica Armani. The classic canopied bed has been updated with a slimline powder-coated aluminium frame. The daybed can be personalised with a choice of sheer curtain fabrics and paint finishes, while the back and ceiling come in teak slats, aluminium slats or sunvision (PVC-coated acrylic and polyester fibres). The roof in sunvision can optionally be moved to enjoy the sun. The strong batyline seat lining can be used alone or with two outdoor cushions and can be further customised with a detachable side table.

Villeroy & Boch


Villeroy & Boch recently launched its new collection Stella Vogue. With its white-on-white design finished with subtle highlights in matt gold, it creates an elegant atmosphere at grand dining tables. Combined with Stella Hotel, Blossom Hotel or Modern Grace, it is a versatile choice for restaurants.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works


Sensor faucets from T&S Brass and Bronze Works are available with a variety of power source options to suit every application. Sensor faucets already save water, but they can also save energy with the T&S hydrogenerator, which harnesses the flow of water to generate energy and power the faucet. Hydrogenerators are available on a variety of sensor faucet models, including those with both above-deck and below-deck electronics. T&S sensor faucets are also available with battery or AC power, and gang install options allow up to eight faucets to be operated with one power source.



Aurora, launched by Canadian smart-lighting startup Nanoleaf, is a set of smart LED panels designed for walls. The panels are triangular (about nine inches on each side), and can be connected to basically make any shape or design. Nine come in a set, and one can buy packs of three more to create more intricate designs. They are connected by a small chip that connects the two together. Since they connect together only the first panel needs to be plugged into the wall. Each panel can essentially be lit up with any colour on the colour wheel, meaning there are millions of different shades to pick from. And once connected each panel can show its own colour, or play animated scenes – like colours mimicking a sunrise or waterfall. Aurora is controlled by an iPhone and Android app.



Hospeco, a manufacturer of products for cleaning and protecting facilities and people, has introduced its new, proprietary Evogen No-Touch (NT) Toilet Seat-Cover Dispenser, a hands-free toilet seat-cover system. Although toilet seat covers are an additional level of protection, the manual-pull dispensers themselves can potentially be a place for germs to thrive, as people must touch the dispenser with their hands to remove a cover. And, because manual-pull systems are open systems, there are plenty of hard to clean and sanitise places where dust and germs can accumulate. Hospeco’s new patent-pending Evogen NT Toilet Seat-Cover Dispenser includes an integral sensor system that dispenses the seat covers one at a time with a simple wave of the hand. With no tabs to tear, there is less noise, less waste and increased ease-of-use, resulting in less mess in the restroom.



Stickbulb’s 6ft Torch Floor Lamp is a single, linear LED module held in place by a minimal steel base. The wooden component is offered in sustainably sourced maple or walnut, reclaimed heart pine, ebonised oak, or reclaimed water tower redwood. The metal base is available in powder coated white, slate grey or matte black, hand blackened steel, polished nickel or brass, or brushed nickel or brass. The metal base is available in powder coated white, slate grey or matte black, hand blackened steel, polished nickel or brass, or brushed nickel or brass. The 6ft Torch is supplied with an eight-feet cord, soft-touch three-stage dimmer and a detachable adapter.


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