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New products launch for the hospitality sector

Ambrane India


Ambrane India introduced its extra bass ‘BT – 8000 speakers’ priced at Rs 3199. Long Battery life 3600mAh, lightweight and compact, makes it easy to carry while travelling. The brand introduces the compact Bluetooth speaker, ‘BT 8000’ combining incredibly powerful and high quality sound with an integrated, music-synced light show. It brings the energy and fun of club experience to anyone on the go. BT 8000 the speaker construction, includes precisely positioned drivers to provide a large, consistent sound field for outdoor listening.

Classic Coffees


Classic Coffees, has launched its range of new blends, designed to enhance the reach and appeal of gourmet coffees. As with its current offerings, the Classic Craft range comprising the very popular Classic Pride and Classic Mountain, the beans that go into these coffees come from the company-owned 650 acre Harley Estate in Sakleshpur and Kalladevarapura Estate in Chickmagalur. The blends  range from blaze, matinee, sundowner and after hours designed to fit in well with the time of day, equipment used and pairing possibilities.


201707eh148Faber has recently launched a RO water purifier designed by Faber, Italy and made in India. Faber uses ‘Filmtec’ membranes across the range. These membranes are 100 per cent made in USA and are untouched by human hands during the manufacturing process. This helps the water purifier to perform in the TDS limit of 3000 ppm. User can avail water whenever they need with 9 ltrs storage capacity.






201707eh149Dynatrap insulates your property from mosquitoes and several insects with UV light based technique. It covers a large outdoor area of  one acre and is completely eco-friendly, in the sense that it produces no toxic fumes as in the case of other  existing mosquito repellents in the market. Also it produces no artificially scented odour that can cause breathing problems in the long term. Dynatrap works without any noise to keep you safe from mosquitoes and common insects like moths, files etc. Available in three different sizes.



201707eh150Nutralite, the table spread brand with presence across India, announced a portfolio expansion of its line of healthy yet yummy spreads with two delicious and refreshing new flavours. The two new variants – garlic and oregano and pudina and coriander were launched by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The flavours are developed using natural herbs and spices and will be available in pack sizes of 100g (carton) and 200g (tub) and will be priced at Rs 42/- and Rs 85/- respectively.


201707eh151Elanpro, India’s commercial refrigeration company, in collaboration with SPM, Italy, has launched SP Beverage Dispensers. Designed for operators who are looking to enter the profitable cold beverage market, SP countertop dispenser is equipped with hallmark features like prominent display, menu variety, quiet operation and low maintenance. The new offering by Elanpro is configurable for a wide assortment of beverages like sherbets, slushes, dairy based products, creamy desserts, mousses etc.





In a refreshing new twist to holistic living, TheOwlsAffair has arrived with the promise to balance hectic and stressful lives with a generous dose of innocent fun. Each owl hanging is specially handcrafted in pretty prints and patches. These are stuffed owlies on a wooden stick which can be personalised. The price range starts from Rs 349 to Rs 1399.


201707eh153Inspired by the elegance of rich and sophisticated flavours, Starbucks has launched Strawberry Bliss Frappuccino. The multilayered Coconut Strawberry Bliss Frappuccino is sure to make you appreciate fruit blends with a whole new perspective and bring the summer fun to your taste buds. Along with this new  debut, continuing this month is the summer favourite Roasted Marshmallow S’mores Frappuccino, a modern take on the campfire treat, and its new coffee-free avatar – the Roasted Marshmallow S’mores Crème Frappuccino, topped with whipped cream and crunchy graham crumble.




Chalk 29


Chalk 29 has introduced an artistic range of Cyprus series to brighten up a living space, gallery or any area where you would want to add a hint of drama and ethnicity to. The series is designed in a way where the entire collection is made up of copper and bronze that adds a glory to the décor or the space where they are adorned. The series interplays with texture and forms modern sensibilities with indigenous accents, perked up with sensitivity and refresh of elegant design elements for any area. The Cyprus series has an extensive collection ranging from teapots, kettles, planters, accessories, bath ware and many more products lending an elegant and glamorous look to the most humble of abodes by adding a dash of perfection.

T&S Brass

201707eh155T&S Brass’ equip line of hose reels offers powerful cleaning in an economical package. The T&S equip line delivers UL and NSF-certified products at competitive prices with unsurpassed customer service. Hoses are available in either 1.27 cm or 0.95 cm diameters with a selection of spray valve options to accommodate a range of cleaning needs. Select from 7.6 m, 10.6 m or 15.25 m hose lengths. Equip hose reels are easy to use with a ratcheting system that holds the hose length until a slight tug retracts the hose automatically. Adjustable hose bumper and multi-fit bracket for wall, ceiling or under-counter mounting make the reel suitable for nearly any application.



KitchenAid has recently launched the new KitchenAid mighty mini. With the launch of this machine, there is now a smaller mixer that takes up less counter space and is lighter in weight so one can easily move it around the kitchen and has the same iconic design and power as our other tilt-head stand mixers. The iconic design, colour choices and endless possibilities synonymous with this culinary workhorse is available in a size ideally suited for limited counter space and ‘smallerbatch’ lifestyles.

Siesta International


Siesta International has created an extensive pillow menu with aromatic pillows. The practice of placing herbs under one’s pillow dates back centuries, and was originally done to protect against evil, calm bad dreams, foresee the future, bring good dreams, or conjure a lover into one’s life. Siesta International has launched these aromatic pillows filled with rosemary and thyme which provide deep sleep on use.


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