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New products launch for the hospitality sector


20170228eh180GAIA has launched crunchy muesli – Amaranth, a meal-in-a-bowl product. Amaranth is ideal breakfast choice for the health-conscious. Packed with the goodness of fibre, protein and antioxidants, the product is a mix of multi-grains such as rolled oats, wheat and corn flakes, along with almonds, raisins, millet and assorted seeds of amaranth, pumpkin and sesame.





20170228eh181Cremica has launched two new sauces – English Mustard Sauce and Kasundi Mustard Sauce. English Mustard Sauce is priced at Rs 77 and Kasundi Mustard Sauce at Rs 70 for 300 gms. These sauces are available in departmental stores across India.





Tata Starbucks

20170228eh182Tata Starbucks has recently introduced Starbucks Teavana beverages as a core offering across its 88 stores in India. The launch of Starbucks Teavana brings a range of 18 distinct tea offerings including an Indian signature tea, iced teas, brewed hot teas and tea lattes. In addition to the signature innovation, customers can experience global Starbucks Teavana favourites including Youthberry white tea, hibiscus herbal infusion as well as the limited-time handcrafted offerings from Starbucks like Matcha and Espresso Fusion, Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit and Honey and Iced Shaken Hibiscus with Pomegranate Pearls.



20170228eh184The third highest selling vodka in the world, Khortytsa, has been launched at Aura, The Claridges. The Ukrainian brand, Khortytsa Ice, has characteristics of the bottle that changes its colour when chilled. It is a blend of mint, lime and menthol varieties of ethanol and has a subtle floral flavour and the feeling of coolness. Khortytsa is produced using a traditional recipe with modern technology.




Vinod Cookware

20170228eh186Vinod Cookware has launched its 420ml Cosmos Bottles, priced at Rs 699 with features like mirror finish, anti-spill mechanism, durability and break resistant. Available in shades of blue, yellow and black, Cosmos features a mirror finish texture, lightweight design and durable structure that is specially engineered for rugged outdoor usage. Featuring slender design, the leak-proof bottle is 100 per cent leak proof.


Peps Industries


Peps Industries recently launched a special mattress for this Valentine season – Peps Vivah. It is a specially crafted mattress from Peps Industries, ideal for gifting purposes. Peps Vivah is made of pocketed springs, which are independent springs encased in individual pockets of textile. The mattress has been specifically designed in a way to ensure comfort, while also being noiseless unlike most spring mattresses.


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Product Tracker

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

Product Tracker

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

Product Tracker

EF&H Staff-Mumbai

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