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Neo-Morph by Arpita B Design Studio

Arpita B Design Studio’s Neo-Morph is imbued from the Neolithic and present Age. It is the rebirth of the New Age. The new collection is inspired by the biggest learning that mankind has witnessed amidst this global crisis. While we are finding ways to adapt to this new work from home life, we curated our new collection “Progression” that is all about choosing the right path.

The collection urges us to open one to endless possibilities that give way to new opportunities. It shows them the ability to stay centred and connected to the core of their being in the times of uncertainties. This new collection depicts simplicity. It’s an assimilation of varied forms coming together to create a strong structure with the use of natural materials. The colour palette speaks about natural colours that one sees in their surroundings. The materials used are natural and eco-friendly created to respect and value their resources by adhering to a minimal wastage practise.

Neo-Morph aims to spread awareness about the talent possessed by their homegrown artisans. It also teaches them how to maximise their resources. It is designed on the belief that one’s home, which is their inner world, should be a reflection of their desire. Our abode is a story that is created by blending restored energy, refreshed feelings and rejuvenated memories.

While designing this collection Arpita Bhandari said, “We must open our doors to what lies beyond, the possibilities that await us. Allow our space to become our driving force. Bring in feelings of harmony and coherence to assimilate and embrace the changes in our environment and make our space unique and real in every way.”

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