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Creamline Dairy Products launches Jersey Protein Plus Milk

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Creamline Dairy Products (CDPL), a leading dairy player in Southern India, recently launched ‘Protein Plus’ Milk. Claiming to be including 30 per cent more protein than regular toned milk, it is positioned to address the protein deficiency in India.

A research in 2019 (The Godrej Jersey South India Protein Gap Report) indicated, while 75 per cent of respondents associate milk as an important source of protein, only 32 per cent of the adults consume milk. Also, while 54 per cent of the adults in the survey were protein deficient; this deficiency increases to 62 per cent amongst vegetarians. Godrej Jersey aims to bridge the protein gap through this launch.

Speaking about the launch, Raj Kanwar Singh, CEO, CDPL, said, “Milk is a natural source of protein and the launch of Protein Plus milk will help mothers to fulfil the dietary protein requirements. Along with higher protein content, Jersey Protein Plus is also fortified with Vitamins A & D, making its consumption suitable not only for growth and development of children but also for boosting immunity of the entire family.”

Highlighting the importance of protein, Dr Dharini Krishnan, a Doctorate in Science (PhD) and practising as a consultant dietician said, “A protein-rich diet plays an important role in maintaining immunity as the Antibodies generated in our body to fight the infection are made up of protein. The protein acquired from dairy products like milk, curd and paneer, can help in generating White blood cells (WBCs) in larger quantities and also play a role in maintaining the energy levels throughout the day. Milk is a wholesome source of protein and about 400-500 ml of milk and milk products per family member per day is enough to yield its benefits.”

CDPL said the Jersey Protein Plus Milk contains 100 per cent Milk Protein with no preservatives & is manufactured in a highly hygienic and sanitised environment at their state-of-art plant near Hyderabad. Priced attractively at Rs 40 per 500 ml SKU, Jersey Protein Plus Milk will be available across Jersey Parlours, general and modern trade in Hyderabad. It will also be available online through Big Basket and Supr Daily.


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