Using aromas is the best way to achieve a welcoming and comforting sensory experience: Vishesh Vijayvergiya

Akshay Nayak/Mumbai

Ambient air fragrance has become an important asset for hoteliers to uplift the guest’s mood and also to serve as the basis of brand recall when the guest visits another hotel of the hotel chain in a different location. Recognising the demand posed by hotels who desire unique tailor-made aroma solutions, Vishesh Vijayvergiya, perfumer & scent branding consultant, Vedic Aroma Lab, spoke about the increasing importance of scents. He said, “Hoteliers are now aware of the fact that the guest’s well-being and sensory experience depend largely on the environment they reside in. Using aromas is the best way to achieve a welcoming and comforting sensory experience. Scents contribute to the expression of a brand’s identity and further strengthen its identity. Scents have an intimate connection to one’s memory and wellbeing and can affect people’s mood and feelings in a positive way. Just a hint of a previously experienced scent can be enough to awaken the association.”
When asked about the challenges faced by the brand while servicing the hospitality industry, Vijayvergiya replied that the hospitality industry lacks general awareness about the importance of aromas, for which Aroma Science should be part of the curriculum which will help to explain their needs better. He also opines that the institutional aroma suppliers are unorganised. Speaking about the exclusivity enjoyed by the brand in the competitive market, Vijayvergiya said, “Our customised signature-scent is a unique way to welcome your guests, creating the desired first impression and will be surely remembered by your guests long after they have checked-out. Our perfumers ensure your guests have a pleasant stay in your hotel through aromas – which can shape experiences, get them dreaming, instill relaxation, evoke emotions and even awaken memories. Our aromas compliment your interiors, themes, or season.” Servicing brands like Taj Hotels, The Leela, Radisson Hotel Group, and Golden Tulip Hotels, among others, the brand provides the hospitality industry with a range of fragrances for hot/cold towel fragrances, aroma oils for diffusers, and also a variety of institutional packs of air fresheners for rooms.

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