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‘The spring mattress market can grow 25-30% per year’

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Raha Poly Products in Hyderabad, a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of mattresses, bedding and soft furnishings, has been offering mattresses that combine comfort and health benefits states V K Vijayaraghavan, head – operations India, Raha Poly Products. By Rituparna Chatterjee

What types of mattresses does your company manufacture and what are its features?

V K Vijayaraghavan

We manufacture spring mattresses. There are two types of spring mattresses – Bonnell Spring Mattress and Pocketed Spring Mattress. The basic feature of our spring mattress is that it gives the best comfort and support which is essential for a comfortable sleep. All our mattresses are not only designed to give a good sleep but also takes the shape of the body thus providing a healthy back with absolute comfort. We use best quality raw material inputs for our mattresses with finely tempered high carbon steel springs to give the right support. It is then upholstered with deep layers of foam, felt and coir to give the desired comfort level. We also have ortho spring mattress using layers of high density foam block to give a firm sleep surface while simultaneously offering the comfort of spring mattresses.

Which segment of hotels do you cater to?

We predominately cater to high-end and upper mid segment hotels. Besides, we also educate the low end segment about the benefit and cost- value preposition of spring mattresses and motivate them for purchase.

What research and development procedures do you undertake?

We have a continuous product upgradation programme and make new innovations in material construction and design. We have a research and product development team in Poly Products LLC, Oman-our parent company from whom we get regular inputs.

What potential growth do you anticipate in this particular segment?

The spring mattress market can grow in the range of 25-30 per cent per year.


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