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As the demand for better wines by the glass increase, it presents a number of storage preservation and serving challenges for bar and restaurant operators. Piyush Tayal, CEO, Arcux Bar Zone Impex highlights Napa Technology’s new product and the market demands

Piyush Tayal

Napa Technology has introduced a revolutionary concept of serving and storing open wine for 60 days with three sizes: tasting, partial glass or full glass. Arcux Bar Zone Impex is the exclusive distributor for Perlick and Napa Technology pan India. For those looking to extend the life of their wine after the bottle has been opened, your answer has finally arrived. Napa Technology has launched Wine Station 3.0, ‘the world’s first intelligence-based, automated, temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system’. Typically a big, robust red wine will last between one to five days after it’s opened. Now with the wine station the wine will stay fine for months, not days. India has a wine- drinking tradition that can be traced back to the middle ages. It has not been the part of the wine world as we know it for the last two-three centuries but Indian wine has seen a revival over the last 40 years. Over the last 10 years the domestic Indian wine industry has been growing at over 35 per cent annaully. The Indian hospitality sector has been emerging at a faster pace and with this emergence, new concepts and trends are being introduced. One of these trends is drinking wine. India which is used to be known as a whisky drinking nation, has started moving its preferences towards wine. The wine industry has also worked towards crafting a range of wines that complement the spices and textures of Indian cuisine.

Industry experts predict a dramatic increase in the choices of wine-by-the-glass served by the nation’s best bars and restaurants in the near future. The demand for more and better wines by the glass presents a number of storage, preservation and serving challenges for bar and restaurant operators. The company understands these challenges and offers an extensive range of wine certified products which have been specially designed to preserve the delicate taste characteristic of fine wine. A growing number of F&B outlets are now using the self-service wine station. Wine by the glass programmes see an average 20 per cent sales increase per year when finer wine offerings are made available. Wine by the glass programmes see an average of 47 per cent sales increase per year when half glass offerings are added to the menu.

The Wine Station works like this: It’s similar to a debit card. Load it up at the register when you walk in with whatever amount you want. Money you don’t spend is retained on the card. Pick what you want, push a button, and Argon gas (a food grade gas) is released as a preserver. With the system, bottles can stay fresh for as many as 60 days, but they never last that long, with increase in sales of wines. Staffers can control bottle temperature to within one degree.

  • Sips come in three sizes: tasting, partial glass or full glass. The establishment can have as many chilled high-tech machines as they want, that hold four bottles of wine each.
  • It also improves efficiency and reduces spoilage and spillage. All these are factors that affect your net profit at the end of the day. Wine Station also extends the shelf life of opened wine bottles to as many as 60 days.
  • Wine displays can take the form of a wall, a glass-fronted or glass-enclosed room or a divider, depending on the objective and the space available in the restaurant. A wine station provides an eye-catching backdrop for a dining area, like a three-dimensional wallpaper.
  • A wine station can be functional as well as visual, transparently separating a bar/lounge area from a dining room. The form of each display is a function of the goals of the restaurateur, for example, suggestive selling, decoration or storage.
  • Napa Technology’s Wine Station preservation and dispensing system facilitates a more effective and cost efficient management of wine inventory while delivering every glass of wine at the height of its quality profile.
  • Perfect pairing of wine with different courses of meal.

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