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Nature Fresh Professional focuses on advanced R&D for bakery

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Saloni BhatiaNew Delhi

Started in 2013, Nature Fresh Professional by Cargill Foods India offers bakery shortenings and special bakery fats to bakers across the country. The company has a comprehensive range of shortenings that can be used for various other applications. Apart from being bakery manufacturers the brand also hosts advanced research and development through its in-house technical and food science experts. The technical development centre by Cargill Foods India is situated in Gurugram and aims to provide solutions to the B2B segment.

The brand which was started with a vision to bring good quality ingredients to the Indian bakers, offers four different variants. Classic for puffs and khari, Elite for cookies, Delight for muffins and cream and Supreme for biscuits. These variants help bakers create a good quality product. Talking to Food & Hospitality World Ganesh Kulkarni, technical head, Cargill Foods India explained, “We have brought in various technologies from all across that helps us understand what the consumer wants. This centre is connected to Cargill labs all across the globe and we do our development work through them. The centre serves pan India market through its research and innovation.”

The application centre situated in Gurugram is a facility where all necessary analytical work, from testing of raw materials to final quality control, can be carried out in-house, by the trained staff and innovative equipment. The  necessary technology is available to support evaluations, analyse customer samples and solve their production problems. The application centre is divided into five labs namely: analytical lab for atta, bakery lab, confectionary lab, convenience lab, sensory lab. The bakery lab is designed to work with and for the bakery customers. It has all the necessary equipment to evaluate new ingredients, identify and develop new opportunities aligned with consumer demands and provide the backup required by the technical team. Kulkarni added, “The pilot plant at the lab aids the people to create a desired product for the client and backup more information through the support of other equipment. For example, the force required to make the dough, the force required to break a biscuit or how to create crispy texture of the biscuit can be analysed at the lab. Sensory panels help the client with input on what more to add to the product.”

“Shortenings can be used for a period of nine months and we conduct regular workshops across the country to explain how to use the product. The pilot plant at the lab can hold demonstrations and training for the clients,” informed Kulkarni.


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