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Goldwin Healthcare to aggressively promote ‘Shout’ brand in India

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Rituparna ChatterjeeMumbai

Goldwin Healthcare, a manufacturer of energy drinks, caffeine-free cola, and carbonated fruit beverages in India, is aggressive about promoting its carbonated fruit drink brand, Shout, in the country. The company presently has six brands under its portfolio – Shout, Shout Soda, Go Jeera, Go Mango, Cloud 9 energy drink, and Cloud 9 packaged drinking water. Speaking to Food & Hospitality World, Dinesh Amin, regional distribution head, Cloud 9 stated, “Presently, our main focus is to promote Shout since our other brands have already established themselves in the India market and are receiving positive responses. We are already promoting Shout in colleges and are aggressive about promoting it in the hotel and restaurant space.”

Highlighting the USP of Shout, Amin added, “These carbonated fruit drinks are enriched with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Shout comes in four flavours – Berry Mix, Green Apple, Citrus Mix and Watermelon Lime.” The company’s manufacturing unit in Indore is where its products are manufactured.

The company is also looking at strengthening its distribution network. He opined, “Though our distribution network is present nationwide, we want to make it more organised. We are trying to get into direct distribution in Nashik, Goa, Pune. With PepsiCo India and Red Bull as our competitors, we want to be perfect.” Goldwin Healthcare is also exploring the option of exporting its products, for instance, Go Jeera to London. “We want to export our energy drink range as well but it will take sometime since we have to work out our costing,” he explained.


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