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Godrej Locks and Architectural Fittings and Systems to soon roll out digital solutions for hospitality sector

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Steena Joy

India’s most trusted and established locking solutions brand, Godrej Locks and Architectural Fittings and Systems (the new nomenclature to include future growth drivers – architectural and kitchen fittings segments) will soon roll out digital locking solutions especially for the B2B segments like hospitality and healthcare. In an exclusive interview, Shyam Motwani, EVP and business head, Godrej Locks and Architectural Fittings and Systems informed Express Food & Hospitality, “As far as the B2B or B2G (business to government), today roughly 12 per cent of our business comes from these two segments. We believe there is opportunity to double that. We are actually now targeting and putting plans in place in terms of more focus on the B2B segment in order to double the numbers in next three years. And within B2B, hospitality plays a very important role for us. While residential is our mainstay and will continue to be our larger business vertical to contribute to our B2B business but hospitality is fast catching up. We have big plans for this sector in terms of developing very modern solutions that are currently in vogue and in demand. We will shortly be rolling out some very interesting digital solutions for the hospitality sector. And we do believe that will really pit us and pitch us in the same league as global players and help us get our true share of revenues which we are targeting from this sector.”
He believed that the future lies in digital technologies. “We see that happening in most categories of daily use. Even in door and safety devices we find that digital will really become very big. There are some consumer perceptions associated with digital which is even today played out in the developed world. Even in the European market which is far more mature, the adoption of digital solutions is only 25 per cent. So mechanical is here to stay. The proportion will vary from country to country, it is a matter of culture. In our country, safety is not a big concern. So creating awareness is a challenge. But our technology adoption rates are very high in India so digital door devices will also catch up in every application, be it residential or B2B and we see future in that. We are making new investments in a whole new range of new age applications using the new digital platform to make very sophisticated and modern and keyless solutions,” Motwani added.
In the next six months the division will be ready with very modern offline and online solutions for its end users in B2B segments be it hospitality, healthcare, offices, etc where there will be complete integration in real time with the back end server so that all relevant data is available to the management. Speaking about the future roadmap, Motwani said, “Future vision is to dominate the sector in digital locks. The next three to five years will be driven by new growth segments like glass fittings and kitchen fittings segments.”


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