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FNS International receives high demand for premium tableware from fine dining space in India: Adish Jain

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Founded in 2005, FNS International has been one of the pioneers to introduce exquisite designs in tableware at an affordable price point not only in the retail segment but also significantly in the vast HoReCa segment of India, informed Adish Jain, managing director, FNS International. He said the brand gained increasing popularity because the segment back then was highly unorganised with local vendors taking over a majority of the market. Hence the demand for quality tableware was always there, however, the supply lacked the quality, Jain informed.

“The company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years with an initial focus on the retail space but with an increasing presence in the market, we started receiving inquiries from leading hotels and restaurants too in 2008. But, as immediate feedback, we learned that that the designs didn’t match their standards and hence suggested us to design the range of cutlery as per their requirements. After continuous research and development of a range of designer and premium quality tableware, we started servicing the hospitality industry at a scalable level from 2013,” said Jain talking about the company’s entry into the hospitality space.

With a lot of competition sensed due to other hotel supplies brands, Jain said that they provide two-fold assurance to their clients, one being the unique design and second their after-sales services. The company already supplies to leading chains of hotels in the country like Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, ITC Hotels, etc., among others. “We sense a lot of demand coming from the fine dining space in the country because the Indian guests being more well-travelled now strive experiences, and nothing seconds the experience that presentation of the food has,” he expressed while voicing about the demand seen for premium cutlery in the HoReCa sector in the country.

FNS International also has the Montavo range which comprises range of chafing dishes which are claimed by the company to be highly price-effective and of international quality.

When queried about the growth of the company, Jain replied that FNS International has grown by 30 per cent in volume and 10 per cent in value as compared to the last year. “FNS International leads the institutional tableware market in the country with 50 per cent of the total market supply being driven by the company,” he added.

About the future roadmap, Jain said, “FNS International is growing at a very fast rate. We already have tapped the international market and are seeing growth in those markets too. We are having a strong presence in the West Asian market, Nepal, Bhutan and also the African belt, where the demand is high but supply still doesn’t match the requirement. We will keep up with our vision to provide our customers with quality designer cutlery at affordable prices.”


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