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Eloma attracts record visitors at Host 2015, Milan

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FHW StaffMumbai

With more than 150,000 visitors and a growth of 17 per cent, the Host, in Milan, came to an end recently. The Eloma booth recorded significantly more visitor numbers than in the previous years. The number of international visitors had increased considerably – visitors from 55 countries found their way to Eloma.

This year’s focus was on special solutions for different target groups – ‘Solutions for Experts’. They were represented in four different areas: catering, supermarkets, restaurants/ hotels and quick service restaurants. In addition to the tailor-made special accessories such as the VarioConvert, the hanging rack for 2/4 pans, or the barcode scanner for quick service restaurants, the new compact combi-steamer Joker MT was presented in several variants: 1/1 and 2/3 Joker MT models, with or without condensation hood, with a black or a blue display and a mobile version with a water tank.

Eloma also celebrated its 40th anniversary. Dr Hilmar Rudloff, CEO, Eloma gave a review of the company history and emphasised the successful launches of the Genius MT and Joker MT over the past two years. He also pointed out the advantages of being a part of the international Ali Group. As an independent company, Eloma could respond fast and flexible to all changes, as it has the strong Ali Group behind it. Eloma can also take advantage of synergies in product development, services and internal processes.


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