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Elanpro is a pioneer to bring new-age technology in commercial refrigeration segment in India: Sanjay Jain

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Elanpro (Elan Professional Appliances), a young organisation established by professionals having a cumulative experience of 70 years, is a brand focusing extensively on commercial refrigeration. Noting views about the commercial refrigeration segment in the country, Sanjay Jain, VP, Elan Professional Appliances, said that the segment has been growing at a quick pace year on year.

Noting the path-breaking innovation brought to the commercial refrigeration segment in India, Jain informed, “In terms of innovation, we can divide them into three segments – one being the technological development in terms of environment-friendly products – wherein the entire industry is scheduled to move away from R-134A or R404A to R290 or R600. We were the first ones in this segment to introduce R290 in 2012-13 when we introduced products for the brand Pepsi. However, India has been slow to adapt to this technology because of its challenges including services. Looking at the other innovations, basic improvement in technology has been introduced to bring down the utility costs and to improve on the aesthetics appeal aspect. So far, India was struggling with the locally manufactured equipment, from which we are now upgrading to international standards. If you look at the confectionery showcase, there was static cooling which was very unpleasant back then wherein you could see ice lying around the food and also unhygienic conditions maintained. Now we have started moving to frost-free technology with front-heated glass to ensure that there is zero condensation to give better visibility aesthetics.”

This technology has been existing globally, but in India, it is something new, so Elanpro prides itself to have it introduced as one of the pioneers here in the Indian market, he added.

About the demand for commercial refrigerators in the hospitality industry, Jain pointed out that delivery platforms and cloud kitchens have been booming in India due to which, on the sidelines of hot food delivery, people want their beverages to be cold on delivery too. “To address this we have introduced products which can be mounted onto a two-wheeler and can be run on a battery or a solar panel. We have recently also introduced a bigger module which can be mounted on an e-rickshaw that can cover 80 kms at once. So these are the things that we addressed to considering the challenges of infrastructure that we have in the country,” he said.

Considering the services, Elanpro has a two-way approach. “First being that we believe the customer should have a product that never fails, which is a primary focus area for us. We provide our consumers with products which are sturdy, trouble-free, doesn’t require too much of service. Since commercial refrigerators largely impact the business of a restaurant or the food outlet, in case of any failure, we have 250 service partners across the country to handle and address the customer’s complaints and rectify it well in time. We also have the largest amount of spares being in the commercial refrigeration segment as a company. Spare which have a life of almost 10 years so that the customers do not suffer because of unavailability of spare parts. Hassle-free after-sales services make the second aspect which we look at diligently,” Jain informed.

About the demand from rising markets in the country, Jain feels that eating out and online food orders, especially among the millennials who are a majority in India, has become very regular now than occasional. “Delivery formats are taking shape, most of the restaurants reporting almost 30 per cent of their business coming from food deliveries. That is majorly the focus area and we are already working with the key cloud kitchens and also trying to develop products that will meet their requirements. Tier-II cities are quickly picking, as we are receiving high demand for commercial refrigerators from Nagpur, Surat, etc., among others. Coaching institutes are mushrooming as a market for commercial refrigeration because with the increasing number of institutes, students to be served with food are also increasing in number and hence for a longer shelf life of certain ingredients and perishables, there is a high demand being sensed from this format from across the country,” he added.

Elanpro’s focus would be to remain top of the line in terms of brand recall for the quality. “In terms of numbers, we will be among the top five players in the segment. This year we saw a growth of 36 per cent as compared to the last year. We are also very much profit-oriented. In terms of the bottom line and cash flow we will be in the top three in the country,” concluded Jain.


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