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Biryani by Kilo will have 250+ outlets till 2025: Vishal Jindal

A diehard foodie with vast entrepreneurial and scaling up expertise, Vishal Jindal, director and co-founder, Biryani by Kilo, speaks to Steena Joy about the unique concept and how the brand is going places

What is the BBK pipeline to 2025? How many outlets will you open?
Biryani by Kilo will have 250+ outlets till 2025, including at least 50 international locations. With 250+ outlets BBK will have Rs. 800 – 1000 Cr. topline with healthy EBITDA.

How will you fund BBK’s expansion plan?
We are looking to raise Series B Fund around USD 15-20 Million by mid 2020 which should be sufficient till 2025 as BBK is quite capital efficient.

Your insights on India’s foodservice segment? How has it evolved and where is it headed?
India’s food service segment has seen a continuous increase in the number of orders across all metros & Tier I, II cities. From less than 0.8 orders a month in 2013 it has gone up to two orders a month in 2018-19 which has made it a US$ 70 billion market and this will grow by at least 20 per cent a year.

India needs a separate ministry for the F&B segment. Do you agree/disagree?
Agree. F&B industry is currently at US$ 70 billion and growing by 20 per cent+ CAGR. With factors such as urbanisation, rising income levels and improved investment climate, the foodservice sector has a huge opportunity. F&B segment has also been identified as having great potential in growth & generating jobs.

Any new product diversifications being planned for BBK?
The Biryani and kebab category is huge in India and worldwide. BBK plans to be pan India and worldwide leader in these categories mainly.

Sustainable initiatives in the BBK kitchens?
To support the environment, BBK uses the earthen Handis to cook. All our packagings are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

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