BEEPEE Group enters into laundry business

FHW Staff – Mumbai

20160229eh06BEEPEE Group, which has been in the textile business for over 100 years, has collaborated with PureTex Solutions, USA to launch BEEPEE PureTEX, a partnership in linen management and laundry services for the hospitality industry along with a revolutionary ‘Rental Model’ for all hospitality linen needs. It is already an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and adheres to stringent quality standards.

BEEPEE PureTex is now one of the first companies in India to offer a complete Linen Rental Package including bed, bath and F&B resulting in various advantages to the customer such as zero capital investment, no inventory management and RFID technology. It is the first company in India to use RFID technology in linen management – giving complete real time information on actual linen usage and pilferage, thereby reducing cost and ensuring better service and delivery to clients.

The company has a fully air-conditioned plant to provide dry and fresh linen round the year as the atmospheric temperature and humidity are systematically controlled and do not affect the quality of linen care and maintain sanitary standards. It not only offers the latest, best in the industry linen products, but also maintains them at optimal standards.

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