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Asbah, an empowered initiative

Saloni Bhatia – New Delhi

Asbah, a DCP India company majorly deals in rice and staple food like poha, sooji, maida, besan and dalia. The brand has already been in the international market for a while, selling in over 17 countries. The company’s idea of business is very unique. It contributes a part of its profits to the empowerment of talented, underprivileged women across the world. Currently they are supporting six budding boxers, a dress designer, a yoga instructor and an aspiring yoga practitioner. In conversation with Food & Hospitality World, Gaurav Jain, director, DCP India stated, “This is the first time we have launched a consumer brand. During the planning I thought it was a good platform because we will be touching a lot of lives and would enter the kitchens of every household. We thought we would be reaching out to women in a unique way. As a marketing end, it turned out to be a USP for the brand as against our competition.”

Asbah has over 22 variants of rice and other products available in the market. When it comes to the hospitality industry the brand plans to introduce a special chef’s range. Jain, elaborated, “We have a special chef range for the international market. We are yet to launch that in India. Once we expand our production centres we would focus on the premium range.”

The company has launched its products in major Indian cities with plans to enter Tier II and Tier III markets. “We are keen to bring in more distributors. Amidst price fluctuations and different brands the desired product does not reach the market. Our product is appreciated globally and we wish to become the preferred staple brand across the globe,” added Jain.


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