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Ariane Fine Porcelain enters India market

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FHW StaffMumbai

Peruma Reddy

Ariane Fine Porcelain, an international porcelain tableware brand, is set to rapidly service the expanding Indian and international hospitality industry with its premium and Nifty Porcelain tableware products under the guidance and chairmanship of Dr Khater Massaad. Dr Massaad has developed the entire business of RAK Ceramics group and RAK Porcelain during his tenure as the CEO of the group. The company is located near Ahmedabad. Ariane Fine Porcelain provides high-grade alumina, fully vitrified porcelain tableware with in-glaze and reactive-glaze varieties. The brand also offers customised shapes, patterns (decorations) and custom made logos to its customers in order to meet all their diverse and distinctive requirements.

Peruma Reddy, CEO, Ariane Fine Porcelain commenced the introduction of the development of ‘High Alumina Porcelain Body and Glaze’ with the fast firing technology being first of its kind.

Reddy stated, “With a production capacity of 15 million premium, superior and international quality porcelain dinnerware pieces per annum, Ariane Fine Porcelain is charged and geared up to define a new standard in the porcelain industry by delivering a high-end, professionally designed and eternally timeless porcelain collection at a value for money proposition.”

He further added, “In today’s scenario the Indian tableware market is majorly dominated by bone china manufactures that essentially produce bone ash products. We aspire to explore and delve into the Indian porcelain market by introducing this high alumina, scratch resistant porcelain tableware being 100 per cent vegetarian and devoid of bone ash. Ariane Fine Porcelain thereby provides an ultimate and absolutely hygienic vegetarian solution catering not only to the highly competitive porcelain tableware industry but also to those markets in India that are solely and exclusively vegetarian.”

After many customised projects for internationally acclaimed restaurants and many other renowned tableware market leaders, German designer – Mikaela Dorfel, French designers – Alain and Dominic Vavro have lend their expertise to design Ariane Fine Porcelain products, encompassing creativity, functionality and uniqueness. Shapes conjured by the famed German designer Mikaela Dorfel like the ‘PRIME’ and ‘VITAL’ range have received positive reviews from industry professionals as well as consumers. Another innovative range of products by Ariane are the Buffet GN Pans and Buffet range which are unique and new to the Indian market.

“Our easy reach distribution strategy comprises of strategic tie-ups with leading hotel suppliers and industry players worldwide. We have an all India reach and are present in all the hospitality procurement hubs located in India. With our new production facilities, we are now one of the most modern porcelain tableware manufacturers in India, aiming to expand worldwide with our value for money proposition,” opined Reddy.

“Ariane Fine porcelain products successfully meets the stringent standards such as FDA and Proposition 65 as accredited by UKAS from the UK, Physical tests from SFC France and above all accredited by ISO & by Ceram Research UK. All Ariane products are Vegetarian & Halal certified,” he added.


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