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‘All our products are designed for saving energy’

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Hidenori Aso, managing director, Panasonic Appliances India speaks about their new products, the recent kitchen equipment trends and more

What are the new commercial kitchen equipments that the company is launching?

Hidenori Aso

For the commercial industry we have introduced the following product range: under the kitchen segment for the hospitality industry we have introduced the Big Capacity Cooker – SR- 942 D. This electric rice cooker is specially designed for small and medium hotel and restaurant chain industry. With a capacity to cook up to two kg of raw rice (4.2 l) it is an exceptional appliance with electricity consumption of just 1370 watts for faster cooking. It also has a unique feature in which it has an in-built auto-thermostat which will cut off the heater once the cooking is completed and thereafter keep it warm for a long time. There is no need to monitor and reduce the heat in the kitchen. Meat Grinder is ideal for large quantity of meat mincing for kebabs, etc. We have two models of Meat Grinders which are MK-MG1000 and MK-MG1500. Both have high grinding performance with no motor burnout by circuit breaker. These Meat Grinders are suitable for rough/mid/fine grinding. Therefore it makes the grinding convenient for the big kitchen. In buffet we have introduced our Automatic Cooker Model- SR-WA22H (SS) and SR-WA18H (SS) – which is ideal for buffet display. This cooker/ steamer is an ideal product for steaming. The food is fresh and retains its moisture. Also its 5 Hour Keep Warm Function can keep the rice warm while on the buffet table. For rooms, kettles can be used for boiling water, making tea/ coffee.

What are the requirements and demand from the hospitality industry and how is the company catering to them?

There are a lot of kitchen equipments that are supplied to the industry every year. In such situation we have successfully introduced the concept of automatic cooking in the big kitchen. Our Big Capacity Cookers are especially designed for the restaurant and hotel chains. The few reasons one should buy a Panasonic automatic cooker are: it is manufactured in India with superior Japanese technology, the spares are always available, we provide one year warranty on the heater which is the heart of the automatic cooker, it cooks more in lesser time, it doesn’t require monitoring and keeps the food warm for a long time. The double heating coil system ensures that there is uniform cooking in the cooker.

What materials are used for durability and design?

All the products are made as per Japanese standards. With world class technology Panasonic offers the highest levels of quality standards. As it is mandatory to have safety in all the Panasonic products, we have still been able to design the products for the local market keeping in mind their requirements. Our products are ROHS compliant which makes it very eco-friendly. Therefore the designed equipment is very durable in a long term.

How is the company offering energy efficient products to the hospitality industry?

All our products are designed for saving energy. The advantages of cooking in an automatic cooker enhances the same. With Panasonic products a chef can save a lot of time, there is no mess while cooking, the food is warmer for a long time, multi cooking is possible and there is a lot more to explore.

How has the kitchen equipment evolved in terms of design and functionality?

Kitchen equipments have definitely evolved over time. Earlier equipments were huge and heavy, now everybody has adopted the compact designed equipments. It has evolved to become more energy efficient now. The introduction of electricity has tremendously advanced the style of work. Stoves have replaced open fires, and we see that more and more kitchens today are adopting the electric cooker to cook rice instead of gas cooking. This saves energy (as the modern day cookers consume less energy) and reduces heat in the kitchen. Modern day cookers will switch to keep warm mode automatically after cooking thus reducing the monitoring by chef and freeing him to do other work.


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