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Accor Plus records 14-16% annual growth in India

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Akshay Nayak

Accor Plus, one of the globally leading expansive travel, dining and lifestyle programme in Asia Pacific, has recently completed 25 years. Paul Stevens, CEO, Accor Plus in his recent visit to India, informed that, now the programme has over 392,000 guest members from France and Sri Lanka to China, and Japan. “India for long has been close to Accor for the programme, where, yearly Accor Plus has been growing at 14-16 per cent in member base. In India, we have had over four hotels with over 2500-3000 Accor Plus members. It shows that membership in India is particularly valued, mostly within the country for domestic use,” he added.
About the unique offerings at Accor Plus, Stevens said that the programme has been running events for over 10 years now, and is looking at buying some of those activities to offer patron members with ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences. “This was done paying heed to our patrons’ feedback who really appreciated our hotel offerings, but wanted more experiential elements to their Accor Plus membership. We started by offering small experiences that could be anything like meeting the national cricket team or having dinner with a Michelin Star chef. There have also been a lot of corporate activities like wine tasting, scotch tasting, etc. We expanded it out for them to enjoy the overnight experiences. Another good opportunity, wherein we had members from India, was at Bangkok for solemnising ships. During the five-day trip, 10 Michelin Star chefs were cooking every night and engaging with our guests in enthralling activities. The guests also enjoyed having wine and visiting local markets. The final night was a cook off between the chefs and the patrons. We also have a lot of sporting events. We focus on giving experience that is not too mainstream,” he expressed.
India’s outbound travel market prefers Thailand and Vietnam for Accor Plus. “Vietnam is a warm, interesting place which has a fantastic history and scrumptious cuisine. We will focus on developments, as our relationship with different developers is pretty strong in South Asia. We also see India as a potential market for cruise as a product and moving forward, we will unveil something here soon,” hinted Stevens.
“India is number four in terms of our membership base and number one in terms of growth in adding more members among the 20 countries, and I expect it to continue. India’s growth has been in double digit as compare to other markets,” concluded Stevens.


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