‘With global warming affecting the world, the need for dehumidifiers is increasing’

With a focus on having air treatment products, Mansoor Ali, director – India & Dubai, AMFAH highlights on the benefits of using dehumidifiers and the rise in demand for the product in India

What products does the company presently have under its dehumidifier category and any new product additions to be made under this category this year?

Mansoor Ali

AMFAH INDIA, is a group company of AMFAH GENERAL LLC Dubai, established in the year of 2009 having focused on air treatment products. The company is known for introducing range of exclusive / new category of products in Indian market like domestic / semi – commercial / commercial de-humidifiers, air purifiers and portable air conditioner.

Which of your dehumidifier products have you seen a higher demand for in the India market? Who are your major clients?

With ‘global warming’ affecting worldwide including India, the need for dehumidifier is ever increasing in all sectors affected by high humidity and the awareness has been the challenge. We cater to all the three segments for dehumidifiers in residential, semi-commercial and commercial sectors. As our domestic models are being used by many reputed hotels for their guest rooms, the semi-commercial dehumidifiers are being utilised by F&B department to preserve their food fungus / mould free all the time. Similarly, our commercial range of dehumidifiers are leaders in food manufacturing units of various reputed companies across India.

Some of our esteemed clients are Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank, Aditya Birla, Wipro, Four Seasons Hotel, Jubilant Foodworks Limited (Dunkin Donuts / Domino’s Pizza), Novartis, Cognizant, AIIMS Hospital Delhi, Emirates Airways, TATA Communication, Hyundai Motors, Mahindra Rise, ASUS, Siemens, Parle Agro, Yes Bank, RBS Bank, US Consulate and many more.

What are the benefits of using dehumidifier’s vis-a-vis air conditioners in terms of performance, longevity, cost, etc?

Air conditioners main objective is to cool the air and it cannot prevent the growth of mould, fungus, musty odour, dampness in rooms or different facilities. And all of them are very harmful and dangerous in their own way. A dehumidifier’s main job is reduce the humidity in a very controlled way and to protect you and your valuable from mould, fungus, musty odour, malfunctioning of electronics equipment and dampness in room. Keeping humidity at the right level (i.e. between 50 – 60 per cent) will protect a lot of things including food, electronics equipments, peeling of wall paintings from mold, fungus, mildew etc.

What is the present and future growth of the air purification market in India and what factors do you attribute for driving this growth?

The present growth of air purifiers in India is very slow due to lack of knowledge / awareness, where as the future of its market is very promising as India is under radar from the world community monitoring its air quality. There are enough statistics to prove with reasons on rising air concerns and adverse health affects. Like the water purifier success story, the air purifier business is on the rise, with many companies and brands entering the Indian market and it is expected to be a mature product category in the next three-five years. The product air purifier is expected to occupy its position at home, offices across different sectors.

What has been the company’s revenue growth y-o-y and what revenue target has it set for this FY?

We are growing year-on-year with 30 per cent and the range has been expanded from one model of dehumidifier in 2009 to nine models by current year along with air purifiers (made in Taiwan) and extremely powerful portable AC.

Any other significant factor.

After water the next concern area across the globe has been air and people in India have exposure majorly only with air conditioning, there is a big emerging world beyond air conditioners addressing air quality and rising humidity issues.

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