Technology and its impact on guests and restaurant owners

Nilesh Shah

As inventory, staff, operations, supply chain, food quality issues become more complex, restaurants are turning emerging technology to combat and control their operations while protecting their profit margins. And as restaurant technology continues to improve, it is offering new resources to enhance the dining experience of guests and improved tools to gain insights of the business to industry professionals. RanceLab software has been helping restaurants through its POS systems and other services.

Technology not only increases convenience but speeds up service as well. Surveys suggest that more than 70 per cent restaurant owners believe that technology provides a competitive edge and improves profitability. Point of sale systems (POS) increase operational efficiency by ensuring well-paced service and keeping record of the reservations. It also enables servers to accept various modes of payment. Around 38 per cent of the guests prefer to use mobile payments or e-wallets to pay for their orders. This system can decrease the order-taking time by eliminating errors and speeding up checkouts.

A POS system provides menu engineering tools that helps in identifying top selling and the most profitable menu items. It is an unpleasant situation to inform guests that the dish they ordered is not in stock. It leaves a negative impact on the customer. To negate this, POS systems can track consumption and deduct it from the restaurant’s inventory, only displaying the in-stock items. It also helps manage the replenishment so that you do not run out of stock. Rancelab software provides all kinds of services that help business work efficiently. POS technology can help restaurant owners achieve this objective by highlighting unfamiliar patterns like reprint of bills, discounts or cash refunds, etc.

Restaurant owners can also create more effective marketing campaigns when they have a clear assessment of customer traffic patterns, preferences and behaviour. Advanced MIS reports give access to these analysis tools. These analytics can be incorporated to drive business decisions from ingredient purchasing to menu pricing. Some POS technologies have in-built feedback and CRM tools to help you serve your guests better.

Some POS softwares also offer staff management which helps restaurant owners review employee performance. The data helps determine whether and how well the employees follow through on cross-selling, up-selling, and mentioning special offers to guests. RanceLab has developed FusionResto that has helped thousands of restaurants in over 30 countries; automate their processes resulting in an average 15 per cent increase in sales.

Restaurants on an average achieve five to one ROI within a year of implementation. With world changing towards mobile technology, RanceLab also offers FusionMobi – a suite of coolest mobile apps that adds fuel to your restaurant’s growth engine.

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