Summer delights

It is that time of the year when kids are gearing for the back to school weeks. The summer fun is all over, lazing and eating sweet mangoes, playing with cousins, reading books and now slowly giving way to new uniforms, textbooks to be bought and bags to be purchased

One important part of the school year has always been the lunch box and the standard question of what to pack in the box.

Puratos, with its attention to detail and careful eye on ingredients, has put together a range of Puravita Breads. Breads made of The Puravita range of bread mixes make the bread stay fresh for longer, and are healthier while giving a great mouthfeel too. Available in a variety of versions, from the Easy Puravita Whole Wheat which is in line with international trends to the Easy Puravita Multigrain which combines the beauty of select multigrains to improve the nutritional profile of the breads. This multi-grain bread balances flavour and nutrition to provide the best of both worlds.

201706eh073And, finally, our Easy Puravita Brown Hi-Fibre which like the name suggests, is whole wheat and rich in dietary fibre while being low in saturated fats. Making it one of the healthiest breads around.
Making a sandwich is perhaps every mother’s standard. We, at Puratos, help make the bread you sell that is much healthier and tastier. It lasts longer, making it easier to store and eat without worries for a little while longer, reducing wastage both at the customer level and the consumer level.

June is not only a month to get serious as far as our consumers are concerned, it is also the month in which we celebrate our fathers, those important people who bring joy into our lives, who make sure we are all provided for and who love a good celebration.

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to reach for a glorious cake topped with lovely white Ambiante non dairy cream.
Puratos’ Ambiante is that magic solution that lasts longer while tasting fresher. This non-dairy icing solution is perfect for cakes that need to stand the test of time and really hot weather. Easy to use, the Ambiante tastes yummy for much longer, while retaining the volume and shape piped on. This tastier and fresher non-dairy is what sets apart the beginners from the Master Chefs, who aim for perfection.

Puratos’ attention to India centric solutions for the Indian baker is what sets the company apart. It is not enough to simply sell a solution; that solution has to work perfectly within the constraints of the environment that we live in. And it is here that Puratos aims for perfection, while keeping Indian bakers aware of international trends.

Perfection is what those fasting among us aim for as we head towards the holy month of Ramzan. With piety on our minds during the day and delectable food to be served to break the fasts, consumers are always looking for that elusive something that tastes and looks fantastic.

It is now not enough to simply have something different to taste; we need to produce visually appealing goods, because all of us first eat with our eyes.

Puratos’ Sunset Glaze is the answer to getting that fantastic shiny finish that consumers want from their baked goods. Getting this kind of a lovely finish was something that required an egg wash in the old days. It is now just a matter of reaching for the ready to use Sunset Glaze. It allows the baked goods such as croissants, buns, pavs amd many more to taste fresher, to last longer while retaining all the goodness till the end.

We at Puratos believe that Indian bakers are amongst the best in the world. We know that bakers in India enjoy calling on their traditional flavours and merging them to produce spectacularly beautiful modern desserts. Cutting edge fusion creations are easy for us when we have such a rich tradition to call upon.

Making what you imagine come alive is where Puratos excels. We bring all that is new in the bakery world to the Indian baker in a form that sparkles in Indian conditions, partnering your business is our business.


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