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The challenges facing modern bakeries

The baking industry needs modern technology to rise up to market demands


The choice of breads and use of baked foods have suddenly exploded with the fast changing lifestyle of the average Indian and this has made bakery products vitally indispensable at the breakfast table increasing the demand for varieties of bakery products.

The advancement in communication, air travel, the improved economy and affordability, all have brought the leading nations of the world to India’s doorstep. The frequent worldwide foreign travel from and to our country and the influx of multi nationals and their food cultures have revolutionised the baking industry.

The Food Safety Regulations, competition in the industry, demand for newer products and the need to survive have pushed every operator to offer international standards and quality and choice of products to satisfy the palate of every customer.

In India of late a craze for haute cuisine of Far East is on the increase giving a further impetus to the industry. Pervading health consciousness has increased the demand for a new range of suitable baked products. Availability of fillings, spreads and choice of breads and bakery foods has drastically changed the lifestyle of modern households in the recent times, teenagers in particular, who are about 10 per cent of the new generation.

All these have increased the load on the bakeries resulting in the need for them to diversify and up-grade the technology to survive and be able to remain competitive in the food industry attracting the demanding consumers and gratifying their needs efficiently with the available of modern machinery assisting them to deliver quality bakery foods.

The challenges

20141115eh44Indian bakers of necessity had to meet the challenges to move forward. With the development of modern retailers in the cities, malls, supermarket shopping culture, food courts, bakery cafes etc, the choice of fillings, exotic vegetables and fruits are now on the breakfast table. Indians have the talent and our manpower is willing to learn and adapt to the changing trends.

Understanding the process of modern technology

The present day bakery industry has gone through a sea change in the range of bakery products and confectioneries, the varieties of ingredients and raw materials used and also the production methods adapted.

Modern bakery machinery and equipments (a few listed below for example) are clearly the result of innovations and constant research that have revolutionised the industry. If one wants to survive in the midst of cut throat competition, it is important to adapt oneself to the changing trends, which is the firm philosophy of leading chefs and bakers of the present times in the field.

  1. Planetary mixers: Used for cake and cookie preparation , the imported machines have helped chefs and bakers in mixing the ingredients in the right proportions at regulated speed and time to provide consistent batter for more voluminous softer cakes and pastries and crunchy cookies.
  2. Spiral mixers: Imported machines used for kneading bread, bun, pizza, puff dough etc.,- have helped chefs and bakers in mixing dough in quick time ( 8-10 minutes ), and uniform gluten developed dough for consistent quality, better texture and desired output.
  3. Dough divider/ rounder /moulders: These imported machines come handy to bakers/chefs to divide and roll the dough for better dividing, rounding and rolling for uniform pressure on dough and consistent oven spring. This works out more convenient with less skilled team of workers to get better results.
  4. Dough sheeters: These provide convenience, consistency in uniform flattening/ sheeting the dough for lamination process with layering of fat in dough and to get layers uniformly for making croissant, puff pastry preparations.
  5. Ovens: Diesel/gas/ electric/convection ovens – These imported machines save on fuel, operation,consistent baking, very good oven spring and give good volume, texture and softness for all bakery foods besides appetising golden crust.
  6. Soya milk extractor: Bakery products once known as junk food has effectively transformed itself into acceptable quality with the use of transfat free fats or additions of vast range of natural nutrients to the same old raw materials to bring down either energy levels/Kcals or to lower LDL cholesterol content in bakery foods. One such ingredient gaining popularity among the leading chefs and bakers is the Soya milk.

Soya milk extraction is very simple and the baker can process his desired quantity of milk based on his daily requirement. The cost of soya milk is Rs 8 per litre against the cost of Rs 45 per litre for the dairy milk and so advantageous for making breads and cakes with softer and voluminous products at low cost.

Besides this huge reduction in production cost, this innovation results in enriched bakery products, rendering a third benefit also to the baker with an enhanced clientele, his place becoming a favourite haunt of the vegans.

Chefs choice of cold freeze technology

20141115eh45Frozen technology is slowly replacing the present style of food preparation process. With the availability and growing knowledge in the use of blast freezers, the baker can now live his dream of having a good night’s sleep.

The frozen technology is now helping the baker to do his work during the day and blast freeze the products and transfer them into a regular chiller/ freezer. The products when required can be thawed, baked and served.

Advanced preferences

Customers demand their favourite choice of puffs, struddle or samosa etc fresh from the oven. Bulk orders for parties and celebrations can be prepared at leisure, required quantity could be used, wastage is under control and any skilled work could be done early and stored for the baker  resulting in convenience and great savings. Consumers can have their choice of bakery foods available round the clock, 24x 7 and the cash counter kept engaged throughout.

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