PORDAMSA has been internationally praised for its modern and functional design

Sandeep Adap, Director, Global Access Hospitality shares his views on the tableware industry


What are GAH’s current offerings in the tableware segment?

PORDAMSA has been a market leader for porcelain and in business for over 35 years. Based in the heart of the Costa Brava, it is located 60 km from the French border and 120 km from Barcelona. PORDAMSA has been internationally praised for its modern and functional design at an affordable price; always striving for product differentiation and adding value for the customer, together with excellent service. We trust in their products and always keep a full stock of their product range. As the company’s tagline suggests, it offers a wide variety of porcelain dish sets or individual pieces. Our tableware items help culinary creations stand out with new types of presentation. At PORDAMSA, you will find a wide range of products and ideas that will move and surprise even the most demanding chefs. The hygienic properties and the resistance of porcelain are highly durable and allow these products to be used in dishwashers, microwave ovens, ovens and freezers.



What are the new tableware product launches planned by the company?

GAH has evolved and is now present in different categories across: tableware & kitchen, glassware and cutlery. We have been able to stand out in each one of these categories for eye-catchy designs and a constant source for innovative products. We endeavour to continue sourcing the best for our market leaders in hospitality.



What are the company’s views on new innovations in the tableware industry?

Over recent times, the demand for tableware products in India has seen a very dramatic shift. The products which were considered general utility are now considered a status symbol. The onus for this shift in mindset goes to the wide availability made possible by tasteful hoteliers and source partners who keep on looking out for better products and a viable change in this sector.


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