Key travel trends for 2016


Gopalkrishna Kulkarni, founder and managing director, Stay Simple, an Indian budget hotel and resort chain, lists the top eight travel trends for 2016

Uncharted terrains

One of the key trends in 2016 will be to head to new and unexplored destinations. With global travel on the rise, the new age traveller seeks novel experiences and part of this is achieved when you travel to the beaten track. Travellers are also looking for novel experiences – whether it is to take a cruise, board a sea plane or even indulge in new age adventure sports.

Value for money

While several trends indicate that travellers are likely to spend more on travel in 2016, the key is to offer value for money deals. Travellers are likely to look for deals that include complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, as well as inclusive deals like dinner, and sightseeing options. Several accommodation options are being bundled and offered as a package to attract more travellers.

Bespoke travel

A key trend being seen is to have custom itineraries planned for the traveller. Tailored holidays that are planned as per the needs of the individual traveller are likely to see more takers. One should look out for travel planners who can help creating an experience that is bespoke and ensures flexibility.


This year will see one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Rio Olympics, which will be attended by people from across the world. Travelling for sports events is likely to be a key trend in 2016. Euro 2016 will also be a big draw this year. Naturally, the traveller is likely to indulge in travelling around these locations as well.

Senior citizen travel

Another key trend in 2016 will be the increased travel by senior citizens and packages being offered to lure this segment. Travel portals are now gearing up to cater to this segment of travellers who have seen it all and are keen to explore new destinations.


Statistics across the board point out to a renewed interest in cruise travel. Today cruise companies offer contemporary cabins and on board events and even solo traveller-friendly options, all of which make cruise holidays attractive.


Technology will drive travel in multiple ways. Increasingly, people are looking up online. A plethora of information and options galore on your screen, providing a great way to plan holidays. Travellers are also looking for the same technology enabled options whether it is free Wi-Fi or even new age access technologies and processes that make the check in process smooth.

Ethical travel

Environment friendly travel will certainly be a big driving factor. Trends project a sharp increase in the number of travellers who will choose holidays that are ecologically sensitive. This also includes travel that is rich in local experiences whether in terms of food or local tradition and culture.

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