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Why the food industry is eager to head to Tuttofood 2017

Tuttofood, the biennial trade show from Fiera Milano dedicated to the world of food in all of its forms, is already having success, a year and a half before the show is to open in 2017, with many big names from the industry – from the major areas of production in Italy to important food associations and international companies and collectives – confirming that they will once again attend the show.

As of today, more than one-third of the exhibition space occupied in 2015 has been reserved. Participation by international companies is also on the rise and, thanks to Expo, these companies now associate Milan with food. This continuous growth puts Tuttofood on the frontlines of the Fiera Milano Group’s strategy. This strategy will receive a further boost from an increase in capital with Fiera Milano Spa having offered options to shareholders, for a value equivalent to 66.8 million euros. This will allow for the expansion of projects for incoming buyers, communications abroad, workshops and events and will increase participation by qualified visitors, especially international ones.

“The first feedback we’ve received in 2016 confirms for us that Tuttofood has really known how to make the most of the boost it got from Expo in a long-ranging way. The new resources resulting from the increase in capital will help us further strengthen initiatives aimed at growing our business internationally, making the most of the appeal of ‘Made in Italy.’ Our portfolio boasts leading events in industries where Italy is the worldwide reference point. Growing internationally is an indispensable step in order to contribute to the further development of the trade show industry and the entire economy in the decades to come,” says Corrado Peraboni, CEO, Fiera Milano

Innovative business platform

Part of the reason companies want to participate in Tuttofood is because of the many innovations on the horizon for the 2017 edition, which will see the addition of two new product categories. There is to be further development of a section for the fruit and vegetable industry, which began in 2015 with the first edition of Fruit Innovation. This area is to round out the show with products from the industry. Then there’s the other big launch with Tuttohealth/ Spazio Nutrizione.

Thanks to an agreement signed between Fiera Milano and Akesios, a company specialised in organising medical and scientific conventions and congresses, Tuttofood 2017 will have even more to offer and not just in terms of the dedicated exhibition space. There will also be a series of meetings that will offer the opportunity to learn and share, involving new key figures, such as doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, wellness professionals, personal trainers and pharmacists thanks to an agenda firmly grounded in science. This partnership further strengthens Tuttofood’s position as an international ‘hub’ for discourse on nutrition and health, and it is also a unique business platform.

Pasta Italia, a partnership between Fiera Milano and AIDEPI, the Italian Association of Pasta and Confectionary Industries, has chosen Tuttofood as its go-to show for promoting the value of pasta and the Mediterranean diet on an international level.

Another new project is Tuttofrozen, the area dedicated to frozen foods. This project will present a new way to preserve foods, maintaining the freshness and natural qualities and combining this with convenience, which is ever more a necessity due to how consumers live today.

Another innovation of the next edition is the Tuttofood International Road Show, organised along with ITA-Ice, with various stops in Europe and outside of Europe in 2016 and 2017.

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