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From a small hotel to a large one, fragrances play an important role in creating the perfect environment and the first good impression on the guest. By Rituparna Chatterjee

Vijay Maniar

Ambient scenting is important in creating the perfect ambiance for the customer. A study made for IKEA by professor Anja Stöhr from Dresden Business School showed that people enjoy scented spaces. The study showed a 54 per cent increase in dwelling time and a 17 per cent growth in customer satisfactory when scents were added to the environment. “The major benefit of using ambient scenting, is that large areas can be covered and more importantly a uniform level of the fragrance is maintained at a low cost throughout the day,” states Vijay Maniar, co-founder and partner, Pure Ved. Pure Ved is a supplier of fragrances, spa oils, toilet amenities, hand made plush soaps, bath salts and upholstery to the hospitality industry. Their clients range from mid size to high-end hotel brands like Taj Group, Grand Hyatt, Sarovar, Royal Meridien (Starwood ), ibis (Accor), Radisson Blu to name a few.

Pure Ved is the sole distributor for Nat’arom Solutions Olfactives in France. They cover areas from 500 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft. “We offer more than 250 different varieties of fragrances ranging from gourmet , woody, floral, citrus, grassy and custom made fragrances,” mentions Maniar. Pure Ved also undertakes research to offer client specipic needs with the latest technology. “Lot of effort is put in for developing new fragrances catering to specific client needs based on ambience, lounge bars, restaurants etc. We are evolving ourselves not only by getting new products but also by specialising in the field of Neuro marketing where we involve the clients on first hand basis to understand the requirements and enhance the ambience of the hotels without adding much cost. We specialise in enhancing not only the brand image of our clients but also generating revenue in certain areas,” he opines. Pure Ved is using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis to evaluate each specific plant compound to maintain the quality of their oils.

“Pure Ved is currently offering its clients top of the line technology for ambient scenting in large areas. Currently the trend in hospitality industry is for big atriums in the lobby areas that cannot be achived by using ordinary electric or candle burners or dispensers, ” he asserts.

Though the fragrance market in India is still smaller as compared to the US, it is growing continuously as more hotel are comin up. “USA is a yearly 3.2 billion dollar market for fragrances. India at present is growing and the need to cater a ‘feel good factor’ for the guest is a key question in the current trend where competition is growing by the day. The hospitality industry is on a growth track. More than 300 new hotels are in pipeline which are due to open by 2015-16,” he concludes.


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