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International Cuisine and Food Production Management

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Author: Parvinder S Bali, programme manager – Culinary Services, The Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (OCLD), New Delhi

International Cuisine and Food Production Management is a comprehensive textbook specially designed for the final year degree/ diploma students of hotel management. The book explores key concepts and illustrates them through numerous figures, photographs and tables. The book consists of 560 pages and has been priced at Rs 445.

Divided into four parts, the first part elaborates western cuisine (cold section) and covers larder, charcuterie and pâtés, appetisers and garnishes, sandwiches, use of herbs and wines in cooking. The second part throws light on a variety of international cuisines such as Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, French, British, Scandinavian, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai, and also discusses western plated food and health food. The third part discusses advance confectionary and includes cakes and pastries, chocolates, desserts, sauces and coulis, cookies and biscuits. The final part discusses production management and research and new product development.

The book will be useful to hotel management students in understanding international food production and bakery. It will also serve as a handy tool for chefs with its coverage of topics and the various recipes.

The book

  • Elaborates on the culinary history, regions, specialities, famous dishes of various international cuisines such as Western, European, and Oriental
  • Devotes a complete part to advanced confectionery including cakes, pastries, chocolates, desserts, cookies, and biscuits
  • Includes key managerial issues such as production planning and scheduling, production quality and quantity control; forecasting and budgeting, menu costing, yield management; and new product development
  • Includes 16 colour plates.

In the CD

  • Over 370 recipes together with formulas to calculate waste percentage and food cost of the dish
  • Recipes divided into cold kitchen, international cuisines, and advanced pastry and confectionery
  • PowerPoint presentations on step-by-step preparation of terrine and pâté.

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