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Carve out a golden career

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By Dr Chef Vinoth Kumar

Food carving, an art form which traces its origin back to the Asian continent, has gained popularity over the decades. Like any other art form, practicing carving may immensely improve one’s concentration, motor skills and creativity as it involves flawless synchronisation of the mind and body. With regards to catering professionals, learning the art of food carving ensures a good career in the hospitality industry. It is naturally the motto of a recruiter to pick out the best deal for any given package which is why a professionally trained carver always stands out among the crowd and it’s considered a better option by the recruiter in terms of additional technical skills. And that is how the art of carving adds all the glitter needed for a glorious career in the catering industry.

Learning food carving makes a catering student a fully trained professional who has greater chances of being recruited than his counterpart lacking any such additional skill set. SAI Institute of Carving is the only institution to have an ISO 9001: 2008 certification. This institution also holds the honour of being run by a world- renowned chef and holder of four world records in carving and has successfully trained over 5300 students all over India and the globe. The institute promises a comprehensive and well- planned curriculum accepted and approved by the hotel and catering industry which serves as a hallmark of the quality of the training offered. Food carving classes have been conducted on vegetables, fruits, ice, gelatin, butter and chocolate, etc. The art of carving bridges the gap between imagination and reality. The carver through his/ her aesthetic touch transforms raw vegetables and fruits into mouth watering masterpieces. For women, the art of food carving serves as nothing less than a hassle- free opportunity for self- employment since all it requires is a knife and a fairly good amount of interest to learn the art. Learning this art which has an enormous commercial value seems to be a piece of cake for people with passion and patience. Mastering this particular art also gives a greater edge to students who are looking to venture out and build a career abroad. Students who are trained in carving have an ocean of opportunities with reputed international cruise liners and star hotels. For instance, students who have been professionally trained at Sai Institute of Carving have been placed in reputed organisations such as P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival cruises to name a few.

The writer is CEO/ chief trainer at SAI Institute of Carving, India’s first food carving institute exclusively for carving professionals


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