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Zenatix introduces homegrown Covid-ready building HVAC monitoring & control solution ‘ZenShield’

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Zenatix, a portfolio company of Hero Electronix – the Hero Group’s venture into the technology space with the intent of creating home-grown, scalable and leading technology businesses out of India, has launched ZenShield – a comprehensive Covid ready building HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) monitoring and control solution. ZenShield which helps in complying with the ISHRAE’s (The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) recommendations claims to enable commercial buildings and offices to protect their occupants from the spread of Covid-19.

As per the latest findings, small particles (less than 5 microns) released during coughing stay airborne for hours and can be transported over long distances. As businesses and offices gradually reopen, the risk arises from infected asymptomatic occupants releasing such small particles that can be circulated by HVAC throughout the entire building. To combat the same, ISHRAE advises that temperature should be maintained between 24-30 degree Celsius with relative humidity being between 40 per cent to 70 per cent and there should be a constant supply of fresh air. Most commercial buildings and offices in India operate HVAC manually which can possess significant health challenges to the occupants and in case of an outbreak, the entire building risks being shut down thereby disrupting business continuity along with the risk of community spread of Covid-19.

With ZenShield, buildings can automate their HVAC settings in real-time without manual intervention and ensure ISHRAE stated safety standards, compliance and audit trails. It automates the temperature control, humidity control, exhaust operation and ensures the circulation of fresh air in the building while monitoring the temperature and humidity in real-time. With ZenShield, multiple buildings can be automatically monitored in realtime to ensure the continued health and safety of the occupants via a centralised dashboard.

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Rajpal, CEO, Hero Electronix, said, “In the new normal, most businesses are gearing up for ensuring business continuity along with implementing health and safety compliances. Our effort at Hero Electronix is to enable people to get back to work safely and ensure peace of mind by leveraging technology. Zenatix is creating leading indigenous technologies. With ZenShield, we are expecting to empower businesses in India to safely rebuild themselves and safeguard the health of their employees’ in the coming months.”

Rahul Bhalla, CEO and co-founder, Zenatix, expressed, “We believe that IoT technology can address a lot of challenges posed by COVID-19 and ZenShield is a step in that direction. As businesses get back to work, ensuring the well being of employees will be paramount and timely intervention is required to address the risk posed by operations of HVAC. Our years of proven experience and expertise in IoT solutions for enterprises has translated into ZenShield solution, which will ensure compliance with ISHRAE’s guidelines.”


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